1. Each game will be 7 innings with a time limit of 2 hours unless tied.  No new inning will start after time limit is reached.

  1. There will be a 10 run rule after 5 innings.

  1. There will be no throwing of equipment or foul language allowed.  Any and all coaches/players/fans ejections will be for the duration of the tournament.

  1. Playing time restrictions:  All eligible players must play a minimum of 6 offensive outs and 6 defensive outs per game.  If this does not occur, involved player(s) must play entire next scheduled game.

  1. Extra Hitter (EH):  The coach may elect to add a tenth hitter to the batting order.  The “EH” can bat anywhere in the batting order.  This player will be indicated in the lineup as the “EH”.   The “EH” will play the entire game as an “offensive” player only.  “EH” player is exempt from having to play 6 defensive outs per the game.  The coaches must inform each other as well as the umpire before the game starts if they will be using the “EH”.  Once the game starts an “EH” cannot be added.

  1. Pitching Rules:  Maximum 14 innings per player/tournament.  No more than 7 innings in any 2 consecutive games.  Innings pitched must be reported to Tournament Director.  Tournament Director will record innings pitched on the innings pitched board.

  1. Courtesy runner may be used for the catcher only, when there are two outs.

  1. Pool Winner Tie Breakers: 1) Head to Head, 2) Fewest runs given up, 3) Run differential up to 10 runs, 4) Coin Flip.

  1. Seeding is determined by Tournament Director.

  1. Tournament Director’s decisions are final.

  1. Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules apply, with exception courtesy runner for the catcher – these will be followed and enforced.

Tournament Director:   Jason Kinney 906-290-4484