The Monument One

Distance - 4.7 miles        Approximate Time - 2 hours        Includes stiles, roads and livestock


Begin at The Swan and take the Whitchurch road. Continue along this road (Hollins Lane) for roughly ten minutes until you reach the second stile on your left.


Go over the stile and continue through the field following the path and heading towards the railway line. Cross the line (stop, look and listen) and continue following the public footpath signs forward until you reach Hollyhurst road.


Turn left, and continue walking along the road for roughly ten minutes until you reach the first stile to your right. Take this and continue upwards towards the monument. Stop and enjoy the views.


From the monument, facing back to where you just came from, turn left and walk towards the woodland area. Go through the stile and woodland and come out on Ossmere Lane.


Turn left and walk along Ossmere Lane, and veer right with the road. Continue walking along the road until you reach the Give Way sign.


Turn right and continue along the road for roughly ten minutes or until you reach a dirt track to your left with a number of white cottages (Health Ln).


Follow the dirt track road (so the houses are to your left) and continue to the end where you will reach a stile and turn right.


Follow the path through the field and continue through the gate and through the next field. When you reach the end, climb the stile to your left and follow the hill down.


Bear right as you walk downwards and through the stile on your right. Go through this field (can be waterlogged), and towards the back right corner- you should be able to see Marbury Mere and Church.


Follow the stiles through the woodland and up the field towards the church. Cross the road and finish at the pub with a well-deserved lunch!