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BEF thematic workshop Briefing - Governance and Policies
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BEF 2021 thematic workshop -

Governance and Policies Session

online, 22/10/21 @ 11h10-11h50

  1. Blue Eco Forum on Sustainable Blue Food in the Mediterranean

This year’s Blue Eco Forum will be centered around the challenges and opportunities offered by Blue food in the Mediterranean area. Blue foods, also referred to as aquatic foods, include animals, plants and microorganisms that are farmed in and harvested from water[1]. They have the potential to make a significant contribution to food security, public health and climate action, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Shifting the way blue food is produced, regulated and consumed is critical to promote low-carbon and resilient Mediterranean societies. Policy, Management or Behavioral tools such as Spatial/Land Planning, ecological/social footprints or eco-labels, among others, will be discussed to provide insights, recommendations and shared visions, with the ultimate objective of strengthening the sound development of blue, low-carbon and resilient food systems in the Mediterranean region.

  1. Interactive discussion on Sustainable Blue Food systems

Taking place online from 10:45 to 11:30 am on the 22nd of October 2021, this session will focus on drafting a collective diagnosis and gap analysis on key environmental, social and economic issues related to Sustainable Blue Food in the Mediterranean. The following questions will be used as a basis for discussion: What are the key issues to be addressed in the current Mediterranean food system ? What are the key actors involved (or not) in the sector and their (positive/negative) role? Which policies, strategies and market instruments are (or could become) effective ? In order to foster interactivity and exchange of ideas from all parts, the session will be divided into two sub-groups : (1) “Consumers, markets and Lifestyle changes”  and (2) “Governance and Policy””.

  1. Governance and Policies discussion group

The “Governance and Policy” sub-group of the interactive discussion will focus on the role of planning mechanisms, decision processes and policy-making in the transition towards sustainable Blue Food systems in the Mediterranean region. In parallel with policy-making, the importance of marine spatial planning, integrated coastal planning as well as monitoring and law enforcement will be considered. The discussion will be based on questions such as : What is missing in today’s regulations and public policies to ensure a sustainable deployment of blue food systems in the Mediterranean sea? What are the shortcomings of the current cooperation between Mediterranean coastal countries and how can we take it a step further ? How can the different levels of policy-making (local, regional, national, international) complement each other ? How do we ensure effective law-enforcement, impact assessment and regulatory controls ?

Participants to this session will have different roles :

Confirmed speakers / participants

Invited speakers / participants


[1] WorldFish. 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy: Aquatic Foods for Healthy People and Planet (eds Lala-Pritchard, T. & Johnstone, G) (WorldFish, 2020).