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2020 10-Film Pass Package
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Boston Jewish Film Festival 2020 - November 4-15

Purchase of a 10-Film Pass Package


You may watch the 10 films at your leisure, your account keeps track of the 10 films.

For the free events such as the short film preview we are currently offering, you will need to register in order to view as you will not be able to access them with your pass.

STEP 1: To purchase an all-access pass, click here

STEP 2.  Select Quantity 1, click “Add

STEP 3:  To purchase, click “Checkout


If you already have an account, sign in and “submit”

If not go to “Don’t have an account yet?, Click here to sign-up?”

To Set up an account:

Please fill out completely, pass is valid for Massachusetts residents and zip code.  Please remember/jot down your password and verify that your email address is correct. Click “submit”.

STEP 5:  Verify your order.  Then click “checkout”

Please add your name for the pass.

Click “proceed”

Please consider a donation, or click “no thanks”

Click “proceed”

Please enter payment information, then click “make payment”

Here is a confirmation page, this will also be sent to the email address you entered into your account.

Please keep this confirmation.  Also, please note the number located underneath 2020 all access festival pass and next to type, this particular number is 909073, this is your pass number and can be used as an alternative for your user name for sign in, you will still need your password.

Already have an account and purchased a pass?

2 ways to sign in

Sign in:

Log into your account and check off “remember me” then click on “submit”.

OR: As a passholder you can also go to “Are you a passholder?” and you can sign in with your number and password.

*Already have an account?  From your confirmation, you may enter your pass number and click on submit.  

Enter your password and click “submit”.  Make sure you check off remember me if you would like to have your information remembered on your device.

Get Ready to STREAM!!!

Go to 2020 Films and Choose Film List


Choose film to watch and click “view more”

Click “watch now” and you are ready to stream.

Choose your option for streaming, for more information click FAQ page. When you choose watch on this device, the film is ready to view.  You will have 48 hours to screen. The heading gives you the date and time film is available to you. You are allowed to watch each film for a 48 time period.  You will be unable to watch the same film again after the 48 hour time period. CLICK HERE



It is recommended that you download the ‘Boston Jewish Film’ Channel within your Roku or Apple TV.  To watch the film, you will need to enter the 9-digit voucher code within the viewing options.

*Please note Live Programs will be unavailable for viewing in the Roku and Apple TV app.

To Watch Live Q&As,  when you are in your account, you will be able to join the live event program in a jiffy.  In 2020 Film List, Choose the Live Program you are going to attend and click on “view more”

Click “Link to Live Program”

Program will start at the date and time of the program.

Live programs are not available on Roku or Apple TV.

Must be a passholder or have already purchased a ticket for the film (you don’t have to have watched it yet), you  will not be able to access the program otherwise.

Each order tells you what film you have been watching:

You may also use this to watch film as well.

At any time, so long as you are signed in,  you can go into your film list and click watch now.  If you have already been watching film, the watch page will let you know how much time you have left to watch the film being 48 hours.

**Please note all Short film programs count as one film.  

**TLV TV series of Unchained counts as one film and is available for the entire festival.

**All films chosen include the accompanied live program.

**In order to make sure the free events (Preview Film, November 13, 3pm Live Event, and Closing Night Cocktail event) do not affect your 10-Pack, you must register in order to join them.

**10-Film Pack Package does not include the November 11, 7:30pm, Midfest event.