1.        Authority

The School Board establishes that District equipment and facilities may not be used by District staff for personal reasons, either on or off District property, without explicit authorization or administrative permission.

The School Board specifically prohibits:

  1. Personal use of District telephones.

  1. Personal use of materials, tools, supplies and equipment.

  1. Personal use of District vehicles.

2.        Guidelines

District facilities and equipment shall be available for staff use only if:

  1. In accordance with provisions of an applicable collective bargaining agreement.

        Pol. 707, 708

  1. Such use is clearly within the authorization granted in Board policy.

  1. Prior approval has been granted by resolution of the School Board, i.e. a school-assigned vehicle.

  1. Temporary approval has been granted by the Superintendent and reported to the School Board.

  1. A personal emergency exists in which life or property is endangered.

        Pol. 707

  1. A valid use of facilities permit has been issued.

        710 AR

Telephone Services

Unless the message on an incoming call is of an emergency nature, the secretary will take the message and place it in the employee's mail box or voice mail.

Long distance calls for personal use should be strictly avoided.