soups & salad

Take out Bento (takeout only)20

Ginger beef or chicken, sushi rice, edamame, salad roll, green tea

miso soup 7

miso, seaweed, shitake, tofu, green onion, bonito

almond orange salad 15

mixed greens, fresh orange segments, avocado, glazed almonds, sesame seeds, daikon, pomegranate vinaigrette

orchid salad 15

mixed greens, daikon, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, roasted curries jicama, and kabocha, date and maple dressing


chicken $6    shrimp $7    tofu $4


yam 11

shrimp 10

mixed vegetable 13

asian pickles 8

served with spicy aioli

raw bar 2oz

albacore tuna 11

ahi tuna 13

atlantic salmon 11

smoked salmon 13

butterfish 11

hamachi 13

sushi rice +3

assorted nigiri plate 18

ahi tuna, albacore tuna, atlantic salmon


vegetarian california roll 11

palm heart, aonori, cucumber, avocado, sesame, soy aioli *8pcs

ha-ling roll 13

smoked salmon, asparagus, crisp greens, cream cheese balsamic reduction *8pcs

rundle roll         10

cucumber, yam tempura, avocado soy aioli *8pcs

shingo roll 12

ahi tuna, pickled daikon, cucumber, sesame, soy aioli *8pcs

crunchy salmon roll 14

seared salmon, 7-spice tempura bits, garlic chips, oroshi ponzu, balsamic reduction *8pcs

spicy tuna roll 14

albacore tuna, avocado, cucumber, 7-spice tempura bits, sesame seeds, serrano, spicy aioli *8pcs

dynamite roll 13

tempura prawn, avocado, cucumber, tobiko (fish roe), soy aioli *8pcs

spicy salmon roll 14

crunchy jicama, house pickled celery, avocado, salmon miso mustard, seven spice *8pcs

atlantic lobster roll 16

lobster, cucumber, tamago, crunchy ginger, green onion, shiso, soy aioli, parsley aioli *8pcs

caterpillar roll 10

miso chicken, cucumber, avocado teriyaki sauce *8pcs

negitoro roll 11

toro, spring onion, *8pcs

grotto roll 11

broccoli tempura, pickled cucumber, corn, onion chips, mango spicy sauce  *8pcs

dai-taki roll 10

pickled daikon, shitake mushroom, avocado, sriracha  *8pcs

softshell crab roll  15

softshell crab, cucumber, avocado green onion, teriyaki sauce *8pcs

spicy  “tuna” roll 10

marinated tomato “tuna”, avocado, cucumber, 7-spice crunchy bits, sesame seeds, serano *8pcs

aburi hamachi roll  15

seared hamachi, sweet egg, pickled celery, green onion, green chili mustard *8pcs

butterfish roll  14

butterfish, cucumber, pickled daikon, spicy plum sauce *8pcs

we are proud to support a clean menu concept.

we use products that contain low to no preservatives, food colouring, chemicals, fillers, and no msg 100% gluten free dining


edamame 9

sesame, sea-salt

asian street fries 2.0 12

crispy fries, spicy aioli, teriyaki, serrano, yam threads, green onion

house ground pork +4.00

maha chicken wings 17

teriyaki sesame, sriracha, hot and sour thai, honey ginger, house dry rub

chili sesame tofu 10

crisp tofu, chili sesame sauce

chili shrimp 16

sauteed shrimp, onion, garlic, sesame oil, sriracha, tomato, soy, ginger, served in a crispy rice bowl

tuna tataki 15

thin slices of albacore, arugula, daikon, green onion, yu-lin sauce

beef tataki  17

thin slices of aaa alberta beef striploin, arugula, daikon, green onion, japanese steak sauce

pork salad rolls 10

rice paper, house ground pork, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, spring onion, rice vermicelli, hoisin dip                                  

substitute grilled shrimp +2

vegetable salad roll 8

rice paper, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, cilantro, spring onion, rice vermicelli, hoisin dip

ginger beef 17

crispy strips of beef in a dark sweet sauce, soy, garlic, ginger, chili, crunchy ginger

ginger chicken 17

crispy strips of chicken in a dark sweet sauce, soy, garlic, ginger, chili, crunchy ginger

ginger tofu 10

crispy bites in a dark sweet sauce, soy, garlic, ginger, chili, crunchy ginger

japanese bbq beef 16

slow braised beef, chef’s bbq sauce, mushroom tempura, wasabi cream, homemade garlic bread

yu-an salmon 11

grilled salmon, sake, mirin, soy, sesame, bean sprout slaw, microgreens

pork cutlet 13

crunchy coating, arugula, spicy miso mustard, soy cured egg yolk, local microgreens

chicken karaage 13

traditional marinated crispy chicken bites, dijon aioli, bean sprout slaw, local microgreens

crispy hamachi salad 16

house battered hamachi, cucumber, tomato, daikon, carrot, Yu-Lin sauce

hamachi carpaccio 16 

fresh hamachi, spring onion, house yuzu pepper sauce

garlic sesame bruschetta 12 

garlic, red onion, tomato, avocado, soy, sesame


bison burger 20

ground bison, tomato, red onion, lettuce, soy aioli, homemade pressed rice patty, choice of teriyaki or BBQ beef sauce!  asian street fries or almond orange salad (2.0 upgrade 3)

vegetarian burger 18

chickpea, potato, sundried tomato patty, red onion, lettuce, tomato, creamy sesame aioli, homemade pressed rice patty, fries or almond orange salad

taste of curry 22

traditional sri lankan chicken curry, coconut milk, crispy aloo tiki, pineapple chutney short grain brown rice

wild fish and chips 25

aonori infused batter, rockfish, house cut fries, corn medley, house made tartar sauce (2.0 upgrade 3)

fragrant green curry 18

chicken +6        shrimp +7        tofu +4

coconut milk, fresh thai herbs, grilled vegetables, chestnuts, short grain brown rice
***vegan version available***

tan-tan noodle soup 17

miso, sesame, shitake mushroom, chestnuts, vegetables, tofu,rice noodles, crispy onion,soft boiled egg

Add seasoned ground pork  +4


In house sauces 3

All Sauces are made in house, contain no dairy, and some are available vegan. Ask your server for details. 4 oz portions. available for take-away as well

Spicy Aioli
Fry sauce
Soy Aioli
Ginger sauce

Hot & Sour Thai

Honey Ginger
Chili Sesame
Miso Mustard
Japanese steak sauce
Dijon Aioli

Caramel (contains dairy)


coconut panna cotta (unavailable for take-out) 8

light and creamy, made from soy and coconut.  choice of homemade coulis!  orange matcha, berry, mango sesame  ***dairy free***

double chocolate quinoa cake 12

a decadent quinoa chocolate cake served with a scoop of ice cream, and raspberry coulis

sticky treacle pudding 12

this indulgent dessert has been transformed into a not to sweet, good for you favourite, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

city beach cappuccino “cheesecake” 12

for the coffee and chocolate lover, a rich, creamy vegan cheesecake ***contains nuts***

lemon curd delight (unavailable for take-out) 9

homemade lemon curd mousse. light and creamy, perfect way to finish your meal

matcha ice cream 8

house made matcha green tea ice cream

yuzu sorbet 9

a perfect yuzu flavour making it an excellent refreshing dessert

specialty coffees

b52 coffee 10 1oz

kahlua, baileys, grand marnier, sugar, whipped cream

coffee frangelico 10 1oz

 frangelico, sugar, whipped cream

irish coffee 10 1oz

jameson, sugar, whipped cream

blueberry tea 10 1oz

earl grey tea, grand marnier, amaretto

wild loose-leaf tea

available iced

black teas

earl grey (organic) 3.5

naturally flavored with 100% oil of bergamot and corn flower, decaf available

lemon cake 3.5

bright and sweet lemon notes with decadent hints of malty vanilla flavor

green teas

premium yuki sencha (organic) 3.5

delicately sweet and crisp with a flowery green aroma.

genmai-cha matcha (organic) 3.5

matcha with a rich and hearty flavor of roasted grains.

jasmine (organic) 3.5

green tea with a dense floral bouquet of may jasmine blossoms.

herbal teas

nile delta chamomile (organic) 3.5

aromatic chamomile with fruity tending floral flavor.

aveda comfort tea (organic) 4

a calming and caffeine free herbal infusion, naturally sweet, with licorice root and peppermint

peppermint (organic) 3.5

premium peppermint leaves, cool and fresh with a touch of spearmint.

bella coola- fruit based 3.5

a predominant orange flavor with the lovely sweetness of pineapple, apple, rosehip, orange, hibiscus petals

berry-berry 3.5

elderberry and currant. a flavorful burgundy tea with hibiscus for a tart note

wild cocktails

elderberry spritz 2oz 14

house infused shochu, elderberry, mint

citrus punch 2oz 14

shochu, cloudy nigori, orange, lemon, lime

japanese old fashioned 2oz 21

japanese whisky, bitters, orange, cherry

sake caesar 2oz 13


tokyo girl 3oz 15

sake/peach schnapps/cranberry/orange

lychee mojito 1oz 13


japanese strawberry lemonade 2oz 14


iceberg 1.5oz 11

gin/creme de violet/lemon/pomegranate

classic cosmo cocktail 1.5oz 14

vodka/orange liqueur/lime/cranberry

wild martinis

raspberry rose 3oz 15

raspberry vodka/ rose wine/ lemon

ginger geisha 3oz 15

ginger / sake / lime

sakura bomb 3oz 15

sake / pomegranate / elderflower

house infused yuzu martini 3oz 17

citrus infused shochu / yuzu sake

lychee martini 3oz 17

shochu, nigori sake, lychee

vodka/gin classic martini 3oz 15

choice of vodka or gin / vermouth / olive

wild premium spirits

suntory toki 11                              

nikka days 12                                      

nikka small barrel 18                    


akashi white oak 14                            

junenmyo 15

junenmyo 7 year 21

junenmyo the empress single malt 28

wild sake selections

5oz / 10oz / bottles


10 / 18 / -

herbaceous, with hints of grapefruit and light earthiness, chilled, warm, or hot. sulfate free

houraisen beshi tokubetsu junmai

12 / 24 / -

skillfully balanced with a gentle but complex nose. fine acidity and fullness on the palate. smoothness with a nice dry finish. best chilled

kokushi muso northern dazzler junami

14 / 28 / -

a rich sake with rice umami. silky texture with a full mouth feel and a slightly dry finish. perfect warm or hot

tatenokawa yuzu sake        

22 / 42 / -

this amazing sake is infused with japanese yuzu fruit. light and crisp on the palate. digestive anyone?

masumi shiro junmai ginjo 300ml


food friendly “session” sake. delicate fruitiness, light. served chilled

Kawatsuru cloudy nigori 720ml


creamy, citrusy, juicy. served chilled or over ice

kaiun lucky cat 720ml


fantastic when enjoyed over ice.  a great balance of light and full, this sake pairs well with our fresh sashimi and tempura items!  chilled

tenbi junmai ginjo 720ml


subtle muscat and orange flavours with a juicy finish,  light and slightly sweet.  chilled

fukucho junmai daiginjo hatten  720ml


fukucho, the only brewery to use “hattenso” a once abandoned rice, results in the best balance and complexity. full flavour, earthy touches with a long persistent finish. pairs well with curries, lemongrass, coconut and ginger.

ask about our fantastic sake flights!

red wine

 6oz / 9oz / bottle


10 / 15 / -

please ask your server

Urban cabernet Franc

12 / 17 / 48

mendoza, argentina

veramonte pinot noir

 11 / 16 / 45

casablanca valley, chile

hester creek cabernet merlot

 - / - / 51

okanagan valley, bc, canada

eduardo bemejo, temperanillo barrica

 - / - / 49

ribera del duaro, spain

11th hour – cabernet sauvignon 

 - / - / 50

california, usa

manos negros malbec (light)

 - / - / 52

mendoza, argentina        

valpolicella ripasso 2020

 - / - / 59

marano, italy

LAN reserva- tempranillo

- /- /65

rioja, spain

rose’ wine

 6oz / 9oz / bottle

j. bouchon reserva rose 2021        

11 / 16 / 46

valle del maule, chile

hester creek rose 2022

- / - / 65

Della okanagan valley, canada

white wine

 6oz / 9oz / bottle


10 / 15 / -

please ask your server

crux - gewurztraminer

12 / 17 / 48

alanzi valley, Georgia

Campagnola – pinot grigio

11 / 16 / 46

Marano di Valpolicella, italy    

Torlesse – chardonnay

11 / 16 / 47

waipara, new zealand

11th hour sauvignon blanc VQA

11 / 16 / 46

california, USA

cave spring – riesling


niagara peninsula, ontario, canada

louis jadot – chardonnay


bourgogne, france

greywacke – sauvignon blanc


marlborough, new zealand

j. bouchon block series semillon 2020


valle del maule, chile

cable bay- viognier


Marlborough, new zealand

sparkling and specialty wines

veuve clicquot - champagne


reims, france

vino frizzante - prosecco



giusti rosalia - dry prosecco doc


Bost- sparkling jasmine tea


low ABV (1.5%)


local draft

12oz 7.00

16oz 8.25

20oz 9.50

60oz 25

gluten free bottles

glutenberg blonde 8

glutenberg pale ale 8

mongozo (gluten removed) 8


sapporo  10

asahi 10

naito nice rice pale ale (gluten free) 9

stiegl radler 8

Big Rock Apple cider 7

domestic and imported bottles

stella artois 7

traditional 7

sleeman's honey brown 7

corona 7