Nicolás Demarchi

I'm a self taught developer who had worked with computers for the last 15 years,mostly as a SysAdmin/SysOps/SRE and for the last 4 years as a Python Developer at Satellogic.

I have  always been a proactive person, mostly self-taught, but I have taken several courses. I love to work with and in Free Software projects. GNU/Linux is my favorite platform but I also have a lot of experience in Wintel ones.

I love taking pictures, traveling and camping.

You can usually reach me in Freenode as gilgamezh.


Satellogic, Buenos Aires —Operations Reliability Engineering Team Leader


As my team was growing (from one to 10 devs) I moved from “the only  developer of the team” to  technical leader and currently I'm the team  manager.

Satellogic, Buenos Aires — Software Engineer

JUL 2015 - DEC 2017

Satellogic will democratize access to space-based services by dramatically reducing the barriers to obtain real-time satellite data, creating a new layer of world-wide awareness.

I’m building  a platform to plan, operate and monitor a Satellite Fleet.

It includes software running in the satellite computers and ground control.

IAFE, Buenos Aires HPC Cluster Manager 

APR 2014 - JUL 2015

I was the manager of the Fenix Cluster of the Numerical Astrophysics Group in the Institute of Astronomy and Space Physics..

It is a Beowulf cluster running the Rocks Linux distro used to run heavy numeric simulations.

For me it was a big challenge because of the high performance computing in a GNU/Linux platform.

I also think that the Astrophysics Group aim is very important for human beings, so it was a double reward for me.

Clarin Global CMD, Buenos Aires Ops / Reliability engineering

SEP 2011 - MAR 2015

As a member of the Ops team I  worked with content sites like,, (all sites of Grupo Clarin Network)s which  have a lot of traffic and were  a big challenge for me. These sites were Mainly built with Drupal and a lot of use of cache technologies like Varnish and memcached.And many other sites built mostly in LAMP environments and frameworks like Magento, Symfony, Cake, etc.

I also worked with the backend systems for e-commerce. This is a complex system with online transactions, logistic, ERP and CRM softwares and a lot of Web Services integration.

In this projects I worked with technologies like Tomcat, Apache ServiceMix, SugarCRM, etc.

Working for our own team's tools was a very important part of my job, too. I have developed tools for deploy automatization with Python/fabric and I've always worked in good practices, documentation, process standardized, and automatizing things with Bash or Python.

Also I am very good at pushing red buttons (5:14)

Ksoft , Rosario System Administrator

NOV 2005 - AUG 2011

I worked in KSOFT SA as a Sysadmin managing a complex network infrastructure for five different locations.

Also, I worked in the initial deployment of the prescription digitalization system and in a project for hardening all the systems related with the business.


Instituto Politécnico Superior "General San Martín", Rosario — Analista Universitario en Sistemas

2010-  Incomplete


Python ArgentinaCommunity

I’m an active member of the Python Argentina community, host of the BsAs Python meetup , Member of the Python Argentina NGO  and I was co-organizer of the PyConAr 2018 (Python Conference Argentina).

I also participate as a speaker in Python events:

Fades Personal project

I’m the co-author of “Fades” a python library to automate virtualenv management.

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  • Linux, Python, Software Development,  System administration, Leadership


Spanish (Native)
English (Professional working proficiency)