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CBMM/PRI Evolving COVID-19 Policy

Fall Term 2021


This policy or guidance document was developed by members of the Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts, Inc. (CBMM). CBMM has been consulting with persons on the front lines and observing best practices based on currently available published guidance, in the setting of available supplies, and situations in academia. Decisions are made collaboratively and are based on ongoing risk-assessments of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. This policy or guidance document represents the best recommendations as of September 9, 2021, will be reviewed regularly, and is subject to change as the situation evolves.

Covid Supplies:

NEU covid volunteer, masks, spray bottle disinfectant, hand sanitizer, 70% isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, brown paper bags, signage


CBMM Volunteers are not permitted to administer medication of any sort to PRI. students. The PRI parent/guardian is encouraged to make sure their young man is equipped with any medicine he may need and has full working knowledge on how to self-medicate  

Key Information:

Northeastern’s indoor mask mandate will take effect on Friday, August 27, 2021, at the Boston campus. Each campus will continue to stay aligned with local guidance, and all campuses will resume indoor mask wearing no later than September 6, 2021.   

 Bathroom Access:

To return to the main hall at the Cabral Center you will go through the designated door labeled ENTRANCE ONLY.   Hand sanitizer is located at the entrance, and you must sanitize your hands before RE-ENTERING the main hall.

Note:  All Exits, and Entrances must be used as designated

Kitchen Access at the Cabral Center

All CBMM Brothers, volunteers, performing tasks in the kitchen must sanitize their hands before entering the kitchen. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (20 seconds under warm water, with attention paid to fingertips and palms) before engaging in any food preparation.   All food preparation surfaces i.e countertops, fridge handles, doorknobs, cabinet knobs. must be wiped down before and at the completion of all food preparation with 70% isopropyl.  Single-use gloves and masking will be used during food preparation and while serving for anyone involved with these activities.

Note:  You must sanitize your hands when you leave the kitchen to return to the PRI Students’ Space

Guidelines for Entering JDOAAI to the Main Hall of the Cabral Center:

Reminder: No ENTRY is permitted through the side door next to the storage closet to return to the main hall.

 Guidelines Exiting the Main Hall of the Cabral Center:

PRI classroom pods:

CBMM will implement “PRI pods” on a case-by-case basis. PRI pods will be established in the following areas: Main Hall of the Cabral Center, classrooms, library, conference room, lounge, waiting area and outdoor activities.

Off limit areas:

Food serving guidelines:

There will be no self-serve food or drink options, such as buffets, salad bars, and drink stations. CBMM will provide pre-packaged boxes or brown bags for each attendee for breakfast and lunch.

End of PRI session dismissal and lunch:

PRI session will end at 12 noon and students are scheduled to be picked-up between 12noon and 12:30 PM. All students must be signed out appropriately and prepackaged lunches will be handed out as they exit the campus.

Note: All pre-packed lunches must be eaten outdoors.

In the event PRI students must eat lunch indoors in the Cabral Center, the following will apply:  PRI students will be assigned to designated dining areas and six feet distance must be maintained whether masked or unmasked.