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Electronic Device Agreement 20-21
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Electronic Device Agreement


Student Name: _________________________________________________               Graduation Year ______________


The district has provided the student with a CHROMEBOOK  for educational purposes.

The device’s identifying information is:              (Office Use Only- DSP Staff will complete device information.)

                                                                                      Make/Model: _________________________________

                                                                      Inventory Tag Number: _________________________________

                                                                Serial/Service Tag Number: _________________________________

The student’s possession and use is limited to educational purposes and must comply with all district policies and procedures, including those in the district’s 1:1 Technology Guidelines posted at under the 1:1 Program Link.. The District is the owner of the device and is entitled to claim possession of the device at any time the administration deems appropriate. The student agrees to return the device at the end of each school year or prior to withdrawal during a school year.  Students will be reissued the same Chromebook each year throughout their education at DPS.

The District reserves the right to use tracking and other anti-theft software on the device to protect its ownership interests in the device. If the device is stolen, the student/parent is responsible for filing a police report and notifying their student’s Building Principal in writing within 48 hours of the theft. The student/parent must provide a copy of the police report to the student’s Building Principal within one week of that theft. If this procedure is followed, the student/parent will not be financially responsible for the loss due to theft. If the device is lost and not reported as outlined above, the student/parent will be financially responsible for the loss/theft.

Student/parent agree(s) to be financially responsible for loss or damage to the device (except as noted above or as mitigated by a separate student Chromebook Protection Plan with the District) in accordance with the schedule located on Page 3 of the 1:1 Computing/Chromebook Guidelines, which reflects the district’s cost rounded up to the nearest $5 increment.


I have read the foregoing agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement, including the financial terms outlined above. My student has permission to receive this equipment. I understand that this document shall remain valid until revoked by me.


Parent/Guardian Name (Print): ______________________________________ Date: _____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________