Site Budget Monitoring

Session A | Notes taken by Ron Pantaleon & Shauna Stark


  1. Can columns on BUDGETS OVERVIEW be compressed?
  1. Kay: Don’t know if they would stay, can change order, sort, etc.
  1. Is Budget Status Report as of today?
  1. Kay: Yes, there isn’t a period on the run control so it is as of today.
  1. When you trained the sites, did you train principals or office staff?
  1. Kay: I trained them both. The principle often sat in. I had the site staff run the computer so I could help them with the system and with Windows / Computers in general.
  1. Do you let them see expenses allocated to their sites?
  1. Yes: we show them that amount, donations, LCFF, site allocation $25 per ADA, they can see those in the spreadsheet that Seth sends them.
  1. When they get the spreadsheet, can they filter to see other sites?
  1. Seth: Yes, they could filter it to see other sites.
  1. Mark Pong: How often do you send it out?
  1. Once per month
  1. Do sites complain because it is a month behind? Out sites say they can’t rely on it because it is a month behind? Do you have that?
  1. Yes, we tell them that recent changes may not be reflected. Sometimes they say that the amount in the s/s is not what is really available, remind them that it is as of middle of month.
  1. So you tell them when they are getting low on budget?
  1. Yes, I contact sites to give them a heads up that they might want to watch a certain account.
  1. Will you share the spreadsheet?
  1. Yes my email is in the handout, feel free to email me for it
  1. Mark Pong: Donation accounts: how often do you update that? B/C deposits are not always deposited right away?
  1. Seth: They let people go negative because of this.
  1. Olivia: Share favorite screen or query
  1. Mark Pong: M_GL_DETAILS_PO because it shows all the detail including Journal entries.
  2. Seth: Their sites don’t have a lot of accounting experience, so they want it simple
  3. Amy: THey send one of the KK queries. Schedule queries is great.
  1. T.Darr: How do districts handle extra hours questions from sites, maybe from people who are not in PS yet?
  1. THere is not a great way,
  2. Kay: Some sites to manual encumbrances ; Seth: Have to remember that you have those manual encumbrances.
  3. M_PA_TIMEFIELD_AUDIT: good query to see what is sitting out there, sees account code
  1. Zandy: Have you implemented a soft close for the month?
  1. Seth: Yes, we found that the middle of the month is best. If send it out at the wrong time, the encumbrance & transactions might not be
  2. Mark Pong: want only one email for when payroll is done
  1. Amy: Likes the multiple emails so she can start working with the data.
  1. T.Darr:
  1. M_GL_Detail shows posted and unposted unlike FAR_GL_DETAIL, it has an indicator to tell you whether something is posted or not.
  1. L.Wigg: When you are processing for payment how long does it take to show up on reports
  2. M. Satterlee: has two queries that help districts know what is processed.
  3. Question re com warrant notification they don’t know if something has been held or not. Seth has to ask someone in the AP department whether something is being held.
  4. G. Breen: Is there a way to automate the work that Seth and others are doing?
  1. Amy: BI Dashboard can help with that. End goal is to push a button and get info filtered and formatted. Has Budget & Transactions but no enc, so they will be working on them.
  1. L.Lee: I set up reports to be scheduled and go to the sites with a run control for each site to give them just their info and I can update it as they want. Then works with the districts to help them understand what they are seeing.
  1. Some districts leave out the payroll and only focus on what they have control over.
  2. Olivia: Do you teach them to go into Budgets Overview? A: No, we send them the report.
  3. Seth: They have classes for some site admins who want to see more of their data. Google share drive with instructions on how to do things like run a query.
  4. Kay: Some districts do Monthly training to help them understand all of the date.
  1. A pilot district, screens are cluttered with run controls, can that be cleaned up? Kay: Run controls are here to stay for now.