Try Vempathy with Loop11

Save Time

Vempathy knows which parts of your Loop11 recordings are insightful. We will show you when testers expressed emotion so that you can skip to the insightful moments and save time.

Run More Tests

Use Vempathy’s quantified emotion metrics to take away high level insights about your tests. With Vempathy’s emotion metrics you can run more tests without additional time investment.

Simple Setup

The setup is quick and easy to add Vempathy to your Loop11 tests.

Step by Step Training Guide

Use these step by step instructions to setup your Loop11 tests with Vempathy.

If you have questions along the way please contact our team at

TL;DR: Use your Loop11 test link as your Vempathy project redirect URL and direct test participants to your Vempathy URL instead of your Loop11 URL.

  1. Create a new test in Loop11 for your own users.


  1. Select “Create a link” to get a link for your Loop11 test.


  1. Copy your Loop11 URL and paste it in your Vempathy project’s settings.

  1. Share your Vempathy URL with test participants instead of your Loop11 URL. Test participants will be redirected to your Loop11 URL once they start recording with Vempathy.

  1. Launch your test and wait for Vempathy’s emotion analysis. Unless you have disabled alerts, we will email you when testers start their recordings (you can moderate and annotate live via Vempathy) and when they finish. Your emotion analysis reports are ready immediately when testers are done recording.