Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Hatched on Char, Scar proved himself a fierce zerg by immediately killing off another zergling, earning him a broken mandible and eponymous scar.

He was eventually brought to Artika in an ill-fated attempt to claim a xel’naga temple for the zerg. Though he died, he managed to take down a terran marine before meeting the end.

Later it was commented that successful strains of zerg could be continually replicated, hinting that Scar could live on forever though his body be not his own.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Fools Rush In”

Kerrigan once commented that successful strains of zerglings could be continually replicated within the Swarm, suggesting that Scar was successful, and its genotype would be replicated in succeeding generations of zerglings.

With this trait whenever Scar is killed on the battlefield he immediately respawns at the core and continues the fight. Because if this I imagine that Scar would have the smallest health pool in the game- making him a target that is “easy” to take out- but just like the Raynor says… “The scariest thing about the Zerg is that no matter how many of them you kill… they just keep comin’”

Mount- Increased Movement Speed. (No Mount)

Q- “Jump”

This is Scar’s highest damage dealing ability. He can jump into the air and latch onto an enemy hero. He will deal a large about of damage on the jump, and and for the duration of the ride. If Scar jumps on an enemy’s back the enemy is stunned and the damage taken is increased. Scar can not be removed from the enemy and will latch himself on and go for the ride of his life. He is untargetable for the duration.

W- “Uproar”

This ability acts as a single target fear. Scar rears back and lets out a hideous gurgle roar that terrifies a target enemy in range. This hero is then feared and will run in a random direction for a short amount of time- allowing Scar to pounce and claim another victim.

E- “Battle Scar” Passive

When Scar hatched on Char, he immediately began a fight with another zergling. "Scar" achieved victory, killing its competitor, but receiving the eponymous scar on its head, along with an injured mandible.

This passive ability gives Scar a damage buff to the last enemy that he was attacking when killed. This buff lasts for the duration of this next “life.” He is able to do more damage to that enemy as long as he stays alive. This goes “on and on” for each death he encounters in the nexus.

Heroic 1- “Zerg Rush”

When this ability is activated it allows another Scar to immediately spawn from the core and be controlled by the Scar player. This second zergling acts EXACTLY like the original Scar, but will not be able to respawn when it dies- It will have to wait till the ability is off of cooldown and activated again. This can be talented into at level 20 to give this another charge and allow 3 scars on the battlefield at a time.

Heroic 2- “Hell Unleashed”

When this is activated Scar will gain his attack buff for all enemy heroes for a short amount of time. This allows him to gain his attack bonus and dish out some massive damage. Also, this ability gives scar more health- he has mutated to gain more resistance to the enemy.

Specialty Skin: 

Scar from the Lion King “Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again”


Mean Dog- Foaming at the mouth


Walks on his hind legs and does a front flip in the air. Because… why not?

Kristen’s Choices

Hippity Hoppity, We Kill Non-Stoppety






For the Swarm

Scar is not one zergling but many, a horde of tiny guys made from the DNA of Scar himself. Killing one awards a small amount of XP but does not stop them. In time, the missing numbers are filled back out to max by nearby zerglings that unburrow.




        They form a single form to ride a mount or each one gets a tiny version of the mount.


Adrenal Glands

When activated, the zerglings attack faster for a brief period of time.


Metabolic Boost

When activated, the zerglings move faster for a set period of time.



When chosen, the zerglings all burrow underground where they are treated as stealthed (only seen with vision). The terrain is passable by all enemies. When pressed again, the zerg unburrow and immediately begin an assault on the closest enemy with a brief boost to armor.


Fat Zerg

It is said Scar was a zergling that immediately took out another zergling to prove his dominance. In this same vein, the chosen zerg of this swarm will ingest his fellow remaining zerg to become larger and more powerful. All abilities are activatable but instead of controlling a swarm, the player controls a single massive zergling with amped up abilities.


Zerg Rush

Little do Nexus folk know but all around them are buried countless zerglings waiting to be called forth. Activating this Heroic summons forth a swarm of biblical proportions that is controllable by the player. Like a tidal wave, it rolls over enemies, dealing massive amounts of damage and leaving nothing but desolation and destruction in its wake.


        Flea Circus

Instead of zerglings, they are now fleas outfitted for a circus show. Some have clown wigs, some have top hats, and some even carry mini props.


        The Wave

The zerglings swarm together to create a wave that they all get to ride.