The aim of the HuntEx Exhibitor Manual is to give you guidelines on preparing for the expo. Deadlines are given to assist you in your planning and contact details of relevant people are supplied. Please make use of this to help make your HuntEx run smoothly.

SECTION 1 General Expo Information


Build-up Days

Custom stands only:         Monday 22 April: 12:00 to 24:00

All stands:                Tuesday 23 April: 13:00 to 24:00

Wednesday 24 April: 06:00 to 24:00

VIP Day (limited tickets available)

Thursday 25 April: 09:00 to 17:00

Show Days and Times for Public

Friday 26 April: 09:00 to 17:00

Saturday 27 April: 09:00 to 17:00

Sunday 28 April: 09:00 to 15:00

Break-down Days

Exhibitors: Sunday 28 April from 15:00 till Monday 29 April at 12:00

Contractors: Monday 29 April from 12:00 till 18:00

HuntEx Logo

The HuntEx logo is a trademark of SA Hunt Expos and may not be used without written permission. All exhibitors can however download a logo from the website which they may use on advertisements and clothing related to HuntEx2019. Download the logo here: dashboard.huntex.net/#branding


Registration of exhibitor staff                                                                      Sunday  31 March 2019

Registration of exhibitor appointed contractors                                      Sunday 31 March 2019

Submission of custom built stand technical drawings                                Friday 15 March 2019

SECTION 2 Exhibitor Logistics


All exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors must comply with security measures for the build up, expo days and break down of HuntEx2019 due to the value of the products on show.

Registration of Exhibitors


Go to: www.dashboard.huntex.net/#accreditation

Each exhibitor will be given the following number of access permits for their staff to work at their stand during the four days of the expo, based on floorspace and whether they will be used or not:

Stand size

Number of permits per day

Knife or book table




4 -   8m2


9 - 11m2


12 - 17m2


18 - 24m2


25 - 35m2


36 - 53m2


54 - 60m2



For stands larger than 60m2 the following applies:

Space only/basic shell/archery/association/magazine stands

     - 10 permits plus 1 permit for every 8m² > 60m2

Taxidermy, camping, vehicle, outdoor equipment, outdoor furniture stands

     - 10 permits plus 1 permit for every 15m² > 60m2


Please indicate the name and ID number of the person who will collect the exhibitor registration package on the Exhibitor Dashboard. Also specify which date you will begin setting up. These packages will be issued at the Exhibitor Registration Centres at the main entrance of Hall 5 (for Hall 4 and 5 exhibitors) and in Hall 1 (for Hall 2, 3, The Link, Sharp Corner and outdoor exhibitors.).

Access passes must be worn on the left or right wrist at all times.

Extra exhibitor access passes can be purchased at the Exhibitor Registration Centres during build-up days and at the two information counters in Halls 2 and 5 during show days. Cost is R120 per pass.

Registration of Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC)


Go to: www.dashboard.huntex.net/#eac

Contractors appointed by exhibitors and who will be on site to build stands for exhibitors must register numbers of their staff required, the days they plan to work and provide the name and ID number of the person who will collect the access permits. The access permits will only be valid for the build-up and break down days and will not allow the holders to enter the show during expo days.

Access passes must be worn on the left or right wrist at all times.  

Times for Collection of Exhibitor and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Registration Packages

22 April 2019, Monday 08:00 to 17:00

23 April 2019, Tuesday 08:00 to 17:00

24 April 2019, Wednesday 08:00 to 17:00

25 April 2019, Thursday, 07:00 to  08:30

Accreditation packages will only be issued to the person authorised by the exhibitor to collect and on presentation of a valid identity document.

Exhibitor Registration Centres

Exhibitors in Halls 4 and 5:

Collect from the Exhibitor Registration Centre at the entrance of Hall 5 (off Richards Drive).

Exhibitors in Halls 2, 3, Outdoor, The Link and Sharp Corner:

Use entrance at Gate 2, accessible from Gallagher Avenue. The Accreditation Centre is located in Hall 1.

See the map below.

Please note:

  • No person will be allowed to enter the expo halls or the loading bays during build-up without an exhibitor or EAC or Organiser Appointed Contractor access permit tied around the wrist.
  • Exhibitor staff without access permits will have to pay entry fees of R120 per day during show times and therefore only be allowed in once the expo opens. Please make sure to hand out the access passes to your staff BEFORE the expo starts - a day or two before you start working is advised!
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their access passes once collected.


All parking during build up and break-down is free.

Undercover Parking

Limited exhibitor parking bays are available on parking level 1, parking level 2 and the area under Hall 1 at R40.00 per vehicle per day from Thursday 25 April  to Sunday 28 April.

Vehicles with trailers to be parked undercover must have two parking tickets.

Tickets available at dashboard.huntex.net/#parking

Open Parking

Specially designated exhibitor parking areas in Parking Block B and behind Hall 2 are free during the expo for exhibitors with access bands on their wrists.


Once registration packages have been collected at the Exhibitor Registration Centres, exhibitors will be guided to the assembly areas. Logistics staff will issue parking bay permits to the various loading bays at these assembly areas. This will ensure orderly and controlled off-loading in the loading bays by logistics staff with trolleys. They will assist exhibitors to off-load and transport exhibition material to their stands. Each hall has a member of the HuntEx team at a clearly indicated counter to assist exhibitors. Remember that no access to the loading bay will be allowed without an access band on your wrist.

Please DO NOT leave your vehicles unattended in the loading bays. As soon as all your goods have been transferred to the exhibition area, move your vehicles out of the loading bay. Exit into Richards Avenue to the exhibitor parking areas as soon as possible to free up the loading area for other users.

Moving of freight by forklift in and around the loading bays and halls is managed by La Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting. Associated costs are listed below (measured in cubic metres):

First 2cbm free of charge

R230.00 ex VAT per cbm inward handling 2.5 ton only

R230.00 ex VAT per cbm outward handling 2.5 ton only

Please note that any piece of equipment weighing more than 2000kg will be quoted separately

LA ROUXNELLE, leon@larouxnelle.co.za, Tel: +27 (0) 11 397 8866


Sunday 28 April

Break down after the show closes from 15:00 overnight for those exhibitors wishing to leave as soon as possible.

Hall 2 and 3 Exhibitors: Enter through Gate 2 on Gallagher Avenue and park your vehicles in the dustbowl behind Hall 2. You may park your vehicles in the dustbowl for the duration of the show day on Sunday. Security is provided. A loading bay permit will be issued to you in the halls once you have completed packing up your stand which will allow you to enter the loading bays when there is space available. Access the loading bay via the ramp and leave on Richards Drive. Please adhere to safety and security marshals and supervisor instructions. No access to the loading bays until you have a permit!

Hall 4 and 5 Exhibitors: Park in the assembly area in Parking Block B on Richards Drive next to Hall 5. A loading bay permit will be issued once you have completed packing your stand which will allow entrance to the loading bays when there is space available. Please adhere to safety and security marshals and supervisor instructions. No access to the loading bays until you have a permit!

Monday 29 April

Break down for exhibitors until 12:00 and 12:00 for contractors.

Hall 2 and 3 Exhibitors: Enter through Gate 2 on Gallagher Avenue and park your vehicles in the dustbowl behind Hall 2. A loading bay permit will be issued to you in the halls once you have completed packing up your stand which will allow you to enter the loading bays when there is space available. Access the loading bay via the ramp and leave on Richards Drive. Please adhere to safety and security marshals and supervisor instructions. No access to the loading bays until you have a permit!

Hall 4 and 5 Exhibitors: Park in the assembly area in Parking Block B. A loading bay permit will be issued once you have completed packing your stand which will allow entrance the loading bays when there is space available. No access to the loading bays until you have a permit!  

No contractor or exhibitor contractor trucks will be allowed in the loading bays until 12:00. This will allow exhibitors to pack their stands and leave Gallagher first. Should you wish to enter into the loading bay after this time, the first come first serve rule will apply as space is limited.

Parking in the street or in front of the loading bay doors is prohibited and barrier fencing will in any event make this impossible. Do not ignore this rule as it causes severe inconvenience and traffic problems in the area. Please also adhere to marshal’s requests.

PLEASE NOTE THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY EXHIBITORS BREAK DOWN THEIR STANDS BEFORE 15:05 ON SUNDAY 28 APRIL 2019. There will be a R1000.00 penalty for each day any exhibitor packs up and/or vacates their stand early.


Neither the organisers nor the venue staff will accept deliveries on behalf of exhibitors. They will not take responsibility for goods that arrive early or that are left behind after the official break down period of the exhibition.

Deliveries made during build-up must be arranged privately between exhibitors and the delivery company.  DO NOT send the deliveries to the accreditation centre.  We will not  give them access to the expo. Exhibitors should arrange to meet them somewhere outside the expo venue to exchange goods. Should you wish to use the loading bays, the delivery company must be registered as an  Exhibitor Appointed Contractor before build-up.  

Exhibitors wishing to replenish their stands during show days may do so in the mornings or afternoons when the loading bay doors will be open and the trolley service will be available to them. However during show times all loading bay doors are closed and the trolleys may not be used.  This is for safety and security reasons. Should an outside delivery be necessary during show hours contact should be made with any one of the two operations rooms in Halls 2 and 5 to arrange for loading bay on Richards Avenue to be opened. The loading bay doors to the expo halls will, however, not be opened and no trolley service will be available. Goods will have to be hand carried to stands as trolleys present a safety risk to visitors. It is however advisable to arrange deliveries of smaller items and foodstuffs via the main gate where an exhibitor with a access band on his or her wrist can collect items from the delivery company that can be hand carried to your stand. This is the fastest way especially if the items are small.


Foreign exhibitors wishing to import products for exhibition purposes may approach the official HuntEx2019 freight forwarder for assistance.


Mr Stefano Piller


Mobile: +27 82 337 7986

Fax: +27 86 616 8447

SECTION 3 About Exhibition Stands


Go to: dashboard.huntex.net/#eac

Exhibitors may employ the services of independent contractors to install and dismantle their exhibition, providing the exhibitor and the exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) comply with all expo rules and regulations as contained in this Manual and the Weapons Manual. The Organiser must be notified on or before 31 March 2019 if you are using an EAC so that we may communicate with each contractor planning to provide these services. EACs must register via the Exhibitor Dashboard to obtain access permits.



Stand Creep

Exhibitors are not allowed to extend their stands into aisles or move display items or furniture from their stands into aisles. This impedes good traffic flow in the aisles and causes obstructions in case of emergencies. Regular inspections will take place and the requests from the Organiser and the HuntEx Team members must be adhered to.


Go to: www.huntex.net/advertising

Many advertising options are available. Please click the link above for the options.

Exhibitors may hand out promotional material from their own stands only or to visitors outside the main Gallagher entrances eg. parking areas. No promotional material may be handed to visitors in any public area including at the entrances, main expo venues i.e. Halls 2, 3, 4 and 5, inside the main expo halls or in front of stands of their competitors. The placing of fixed advertising and branding material such as  banners hanging from the roof, self adhesive branding on windows, stairs and other public areas in and outside the main expo halls and toilets will be strictly regulated and must be applied for at the link above. The first come first served rule applies here too.

Pop-up and other smaller banners may be placed OUTSIDE the main expo venues but NOT IN THE AISLES INSIDE THE EXPO HALLS All pop-up banners and other un-approved branding in the aisles in the halls will be confiscated. NO POP-UP BANNERS MAY BE PLACED IN THE LINK BETWEEN HALLS 2 AND 3 OR OVER THE RAILING ON THE STEPS GOING DOWN TO SHARP CORNER.

Leaflets and advertising material can be placed in the visitors bags handed out by HuntEx at the two entrances at a cost. Application must be made online via the Sponsorship and Advertising section of the website.  

Any display of military uniforms, military insignia and medals, publications, photographs, and literature or advertising that may offend any ethnic or religious group must be avoided. This excludes weapons. The Organiser reserves the right to close down any booth where exhibitors ignore requests to remove any potentially offending items.

Dress Codes

HuntEx is a family expo and all staff members working on stands must be dressed appropriately. Female staff dressed in skimpy clothing designed to attract visitors to stands and products should be avoided and will not be allowed under any circumstances.


Exhibitors wishing to share stands with other businesses must inform the Organiser in writing. The Organiser reserves the right to disallow stand sharing if such sharing would be detrimental to the visitor experience of HuntEx2019.

EXHIBITORS MAY NOT SUBLET PORTIONS OF THEIR STANDS AT A COST TO OTHER COMPANIES IN AN EFFORT TO DEFRAY THEIR OWN EXPENSES. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE TO THIS RULE. This practice creates mini expos within the larger exhibition which causes congestion and has a detrimental effect on HuntEx. Visitors with money in their pockets who come to spend at HuntEx, tend to shun overcrowded stands. Overcrowded stands also make it difficult for exhibitors to conduct business properly and increases the risk of theft.  


The Organiser reserves the right to change stand numbers and floor plans in order to make it easier for visitors to find their way and to accommodate all applicants or to accommodate the requirements of exhibitors. Exhibitors will be informed well in advance of any changes in the numbers of their stands or changes to floor plans that may affect them. No changes to stand numbers will be made after 31 January 2019.


The name of the exhibiting company, as provided by the exhibitor to the Organiser on the online application to exhibit, will be displayed on the fascia board on all open sides of a standard shell-scheme stand.

Custom fascias can be ordered from the stand builders directly.



Yolisa Zilwa

office: +27 (0)76 420 8202



Exhibitors may use double-sided tape or sticky-backed Velcro to attach display material to the exhibition stand walls. No nails, screws and permanent adhesives or any other mechanism that can damage the shell scheme exhibition boards may be used.  Chipboard panels as well as peg-boards can be ordered at an additional charge to hang heavier objects from the stand builder.


Yolisa Zilwa

office: +27 (0)76 420 8202



A separate Weapons Manual with procedures and rules in respect of weapons exhibits is provided to those exhibitors.


The Johannesburg Metro requires that the exhibitors of vehicles ensure that:

  • Fuel tank to be 25% full
  • Drip tray to be placed under engine
  • 9kg (min) fire extinguisher to be placed next to vehicle (sealed and serviced)

Although not a requirement, such exhibitors may consider leaving the car keys with the Organiser after closing hours so that the vehicles can be moved if a fire breaks out in any venue after lockdown. Contact the HuntEx Health and Safety Manager, Mr Mark Sleep, for assistance or information. Cars on exhibition need to be delivered to Gallagher on Monday, 22 April from 13:00 until 24:00.




The Fire Department has laid down the following regulations concerning exhibition stands: (All halls and stands are subject to inspection by the Fire Prevention Bureau at anytime)

  • No stand, other than standard shell scheme, shall be constructed either inside or outside a building, unless or until the fire department has approved a plan of the proposed construction and general layout.
  • No solid ceiling may be erected without the approval of the fire department.
  • No structure or display shall be placed or constructed so as to impede the ordinary movement of people, nor shall the existing facilities or signs be obstructed or hidden by any structure or display.
  • All aisles and exhibits must be kept clear at all times.  
  • Absolutely no storage of any kind will be permitted within the confines of the exhibition floor or placed behind the stand or against the walls or curtain.

Space Only exhibitors with stands 18m² or larger who are erecting custom stands must therefore obtain prior approval for their stands from the Johannesburg Metro Emergency Management Services (EMS of Fire Department). A structure is considered to be a design or custom structure when it is erected on a Space Only stand and constructed of any material other than the standard Shell Scheme System structure.

To obtain approval for such structures, a detailed plan/drawing of the proposed stand must be submitted to the Huntex Health and Safety Manager.. He will obtain approval of the plans by EMS Fire Safety of the Johannesburg Metro. The plans must incorporate front, side and top elevations. Exhibitors must submit their plans directly to their HuntEx Exhibitor Relations contact person by the latest 15 March 2019. Halls 2 and 3 will be sent to Rihandi Venter and Halls 4 and 5 to Annali Greyling.

EMS have indicated that they prefer to consider all applications for a particular expo at one session. We therefore advise exhibitors to channel all their applications via HuntEx by no later than 15 March 2019.

Exhibitors erecting double volume stands exceeding a height of 2.5m will need a Structural Engineer to sign off the structure at their own expense. Any electrical work other than simply plugging in to the point provided at the stand, will need a COC from a registered electrician.


Mr Mark Sleep

tel: +27 11 312 0642

cell/mobile: +27 82 853 5072

email: stable@ananzi.co.za


For your convenience you can rent furniture, display units, audio visual and decorative plants at dashboard.huntex.net/#rentals.



The fire Department has laid down the following regulations concerning exhibition stands: (All halls and stands are subject to inspection by the Fire Prevention Bureau at anytime)

  • No highly combustible material such as Hessian, straw, paper, polystyrene etc. shall be used in or on the stand without the approval of the fire department and without fire retardation treatment being applied to the combustible material.
  • Written permission will be required for the storage of or use of hazardous substances, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, open fires and demonstrations with naked flames.
  • Fire extinguishers on walls, floors or elsewhere may not be removed or obstructed.
  • No gas cooking is permitted in Gallagher Convention Centre.
  • It is compulsory to have a fire extinguisher on each level of a double storey display.

Highly combustible material such as hessian, straw, paper, wood, polyurethane, etc. may be used in the construction of a stand or for the exhibition display, but must be treated with a fire retardant and a valid certificate attesting to this must be handed to the HuntEx Health and Safety Manager during build-up. Solid ceilings on stands may be used with prior permission but must be fitted with portable smoke detectors. All draping must be treated with fire retardant spray, and a valid certificate attesting to this must be handed to the HuntEx Health and Safety Manager during build-up. NO PACKAGING MATERIAL MAY BE STORED BEHIND THE BLACK CURTAINS IN THE HALLS - THIS IS A SERIOUS FIRE HAZARD. INSPECTIONS WILL BE MADE DAILY AND IT WILL BE REMOVED AND DISCARDED.

No dangerous chemicals, pyrotechnics in any form, and no open flames are permitted within the expo venues. Exhibitors wishing to use gas for cooking demonstrations need to obtain approval from the Johannesburg Metro. Contact the HuntEx Health and Safety Manager for assistance in this regard.


The City of Johannesburg Health Inspectors will require Certificates of Food Safety issued by a local authority from all sellers of approved on-consumption foodstuffs such as biltong and dry wors. This rule also applies to other foodstuffs packaged for sale such as meats, nuts, curry spices and other foodstuffs sold on a non-consumption basis (i.e take home and prepare). This Certificate of Food Safety must be on hand in your stands and must be prominently displayed.


In the interest of maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, exhibitors should refrain from using audio systems or electronic devices that produce irritating, intermittent and/or sequential noise (bells, sirens, buzzers, loud music etc.) that could distract attention from any exhibition. AV presentations must please be muffled to avoid interference with other exhibitions.

SECTION 3 Services


Point of Sale (Credit and Debit Card Services)

Exhibitors should approach their banks or other service providers to provide them with credit card services and devices. Exhibitors should ensure that the point of sales (POS) instruments provided to them by their banks or service providers have SIM cards of at least two of the three cell phone services (MTN, Vodacom and Cell-C). This will allow them to proceed with sales should any of the cell phone providers experience service delivery stoppages.  

Cash Management

For security reasons it is not recommended that exhibitors leave the premises with cash. Midrand is unfortunately a high risk area after hours. Cash deposit safes will be installed in service facility on the balcony of Hall 2  in a secure area where exhibitors can deposit their cash in privacy.  It is strongly recommended that all exhibitors should make use of this service.  Please note that you have to make an arrangement with the service provider before the expo and receive deposit cards from them in order to use the service.


Celeste Harmse

cell/mobile: +27 72 412 3984

email: celeste.harmse@deposita.co.za


The venue has Wi-Fi internet coverage in all the major public areas. You can purchase internet connectivity vouchers at all the restaurants in the halls. Your laptop or handheld device requires either built-in support for Wi-Fi, or be equipped with a Wi-Fi network card.

Please be advised that the mobile phone and 3G coverage can overload during periods of high activity.  


Go to: dashboard.huntex.net/#storage

A few storage rooms are available within the expo halls and even less spaces in the loading bays. Please register your requirement for storage space on the link above. A first come first served policy applies.

Exhibitors wishing to leave trailers, vehicles or small PX containers in the various loading bays must also apply online via the link above. THE SIZE OF THE TRAILER AND BAKKIE/TRUCK MUST BE PROVIDED. THE MAXIMUM SIZE TRUCK ALLOWED IS 1.5 TONS OR 2,5M X 6M. IF LARGER VEHICLES ARE BROUGHT TO THE SHOW THAN THOSE REGISTERED, THE BOOKING WILL BE INVALID AND THAT VEHICLE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRY.  These spaces will be drawn on the floor plans of the loading bays and numbered. The exhibitor will be informed by email and the floor plan provided. The logistic staff will be informed and aware of this and direct such exhibitors to leave their trailers there. No vehicle will be allowed within these designated areas unless by prior arrangement.

Trailers and vehicles left in loading bays without BOOKING AS DESCRIBED ABOVE will be removed.


Although the exhibition halls will be in lock-down status overnight between 19:00 and 06:00, exhibitors remain responsible for all material on their stands. BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES! The high risk periods are during build-up and break-down, as well as the period directly after lock-down ends in the morning until the show starts and after closure of the show until lock-down. The organisers, venue or any HuntEx appointed sub-contractor cannot be held liable for any loss or damage.

Exhibitors are advised to take out insurance to cover any loss of items on their stands. Stand shields can be ordered from ExpoScreens or another supplier of the exhibitor’s choice. Precautionary measures must be taken to secure items such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablets or laptop computers. Please note that the venue security company and two HuntEx Security team members monitor all venues during lock-down on CCTV cameras. These cameras also operate at all other times. Exhibitors who have experienced loss of items during the expo can ask the Organiser to view the footage.

Stand Shields

Go to: dashboard.huntex.net/#exposcreens

Through a rigorous tendering process the Organiser has determined that ExpoScreens is the cheapest and most reliable service provider of this service. Stand shields are intended to prevent unauthorised people from entering your stand after and before lock-down. ExpoScreens can also arrange a stand shield for island stands.

ExpoScreens personnel will be present  throughout the expo period to provide services to you. You can view their prices/order form at the link above.

Should you wish to use another service provider for this service you will have to register the company as your Exhibitor Appointed Contractor EAC so that access armbands may be issued to the staff rendering the service to you.


Floh Thiele

084 6826253

011 646 7750


Online Security

If you are approached to sell your products by EFT, please wait for the funds to reflect in your account before releasing the goods, even if you receive a proof of payment. Alternatively contact your bank to find out what measures they can suggest to check on payments.


All items lost by visitors or exhibitors should be handed in at the Operations Rooms in Hall 2 and Hall 5.


Two Intermediate Life Support paramedics will be on duty during build-up and break-down. On event days two Advanced Life Support paramedics and two Basic Life Support medics with an ambulance will be on site. Temporary clinics are situated in Halls 3 and 5.


The venue is a licensed facility. GCC is the sole provider of all catering requirements to exhibitors, contractors and visitors. Exhibitors may bring bite-sized promotional items such as chocolates, sweets, biltong, meat products, wors and non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee or cocoa etc. to give away to visitors at their stands. The only exception to this rule is biltong and dry wors which may be sold. Biltong sellers must prominently display their health certificate issued by the local authority at their place of business. All other food and beverages for sale such as meat products, alcoholic beverages, spices etc. must be sold properly packaged and on a not- for-consumption-at-venue basis.  

Exhibitors of Alcoholic Beverages

Exhibitors selling alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or spirits may not despatch their wares from their stands to visitors.  There is an area in the loading bay of Hall 5 next to the exit where this must be done. Exhibitors selling alcoholic beverages may however offer 25ml tots for tasting. These exhibitors have to obtain an off site liquor license from the Gauteng Liquor Board.

Die Boma

Alcoholic beverages will not be on sale within the exhibition venues. This will be provided for in Die Boma, an area opposite Hall 3. Access is free. In Die Boma all alcoholic and other beverages will be served as well as in the Ballroom Restaurant.

We wish every exhibitor the best for your preparations and look forward to a successful HuntEx2019.

The HuntEx Team

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