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1-11-22 Minutes
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Board Meeting January 11th, 2022

  1.  Call to Order: 6:05pm, Ed Gaede
  2.  Invocation: Ed Gaede
  3.  Pledge of Allegiance: Ed Gaede
  4.  Roll Call: Ed Gaede, Wendy Ward, David Williams, Karen Lopeteguy, Walter Grainger, Marc Sandall, Justina Howell, Jacquie Sullivan, Mayde Hurley, Jeff Hurley, Kathleen Schaffer, Dan Schaffer, Richard Forrester, Rick McDonald, Paul Burzychp
  5.  Introduction of guest(s): Richard Forrester, Rick McDonald
  6.  Motions to approve December 14th, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes / Vote: 1st Dan Schaffer, 2nd Paul Burzchp      
  7.  December 2021 Financial Report / Motions to Approve / Vote: 1st Jacquie Sullivan, 2nd Kathleen Schaffer
  8.  Short Presentation by Richard Forester on how he can help provide social                             media exposure for our memorial. Questions & discussion:
  1. Rick McDonald presentation: He is from Retired Correctional Peace Officers group.  All chapters can donate $250 = $2,000 to can be potentially  donated. This group raise money for other non-profits.
  2. Williams Monument presentation by David Williams. Questions & discussion:
  1.  Old business
  1.  New Business / Upcoming Events / Future Committee Meetings: Location/Design to stay as is discussed 1st Dan Schaffer 2nd Jacquie Sullivan. Nay – Mayde Hurley
  2.  Adjourn Meeting / Next board meeting Tuesday, February 8th, 2022: 8:50pm, 1st Dan Schaffer 2nd Paul Burzychp

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