Each year SCMAC receives requests from residents that their property not be treated. We honor all requests regardless of the reason. A system has been developed with the No Spray addresses arranged by treatment zone. The information is organized into No Spray books which every technician is required to carry. Books are updated as new requests arrive.

Our route maps clearly depict No Spray locations and, for added safety, technicians are required to double check this information by comparing their route map with the No Spray book.

Reflective yellow signs are furnished to No Spray residents free of charge. It is the property owner’s responsibility to place the signs at property boundaries in such a manner that they are visible to the technicians treating the area.


Residents who wish to be No Sprays are given the option of which type of treatment they wish to avoid. Some residents do not want any type of treatment on their property while others allow us to treat with the organic larvicide Bti.


Both professional and hobbyist beekeepers are located throughout the county. Many of these individuals request that treatment be continued in their area but wish that it only be done after dark to ensure that their bees have returned to their hives. SCMAC makes every effort to take into account every special situation including organic farms as well as pesticide sensitive citizens.


Letters are mailed annually to all individuals on the No Spray list to verify that our information is accurate. If a citizen does not respond for three consecutive years, they are removed from the No Spray program. Forms are available in our office or online. If you have any questions about being on our No Spray program or any other part of our treatment program, please do not hesitate to call us at (989) 755-5751.

Pesticide Sensitive Notification Registry

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have established a Pesticide Sensitive Notification Registry. This registry consists of people who have registered with the State and require notification when pesticide applications are performed in their area. SCMAC conforms to all rules pertaining to this registry.  

For more information visit the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's website.


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