PB4L/Coastal Values

Your Challenge this week in Coastal Values: 

If you are in large groups of 5 or more, you need to be seated at break times. We do not walk around in big groups. If you are climbing the three trees on the field, be safe at all times, you cannot go higher than the football posts. Also there have been lots of people climbing trees and breaking branches, please do not have more than 5 per branch.

Speak kindly to one another. Be friendly, approachable and inclusive. Line up quickly and quietly at the end of all breaks. No walking around with food and be careful to put rubbish in the bin. Please wear your uniform correctly. Follow all coastal values expectations.

Jewellery is not permitted unless it is for religious/cultural reasons.  Plain stud earrings.  

All students should be in black sandals, unless there is a medical reason for wearing alternate shoes.  These shoes must be plain black and you require a shoe pass.

Reminder to please stick to the left hand side of the crossing when we are going across the pedestrian crossings in the morning and afternoon.

On Links Ave cross only on the concrete uplift.  Whaea Deb will be there to show you where to cross.  


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Monday 25 February

Gardening Club - Anyone interested in being in the gardening group this year please see Claire in the Foods room at morning tea.