Proposal Basic Information

Project Name: Ledger Hardware Wallet Support (with Masternode + Systemnode capabilities)

Author: ledgerdev

Proposer’s email address:

Funds requested: 50,000 CRW/month for 4 months - 200,000 CRW total

Proposal name: ledgermnandsns

Proposal Hash:  784d50196c357ed24e14ca9cbf8f245dc6f8ed5c21f8e0c7776a0dc88c6f8bac

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You and your team

ledgerdev (manager)

2 developers (already identified, once funding is secured they will be committed)

Project Details

Crown currently cannot be stored on Ledger hardware wallets. With the introduction of the Ledger Nano X, which supports several more coins than the S model, Ledger users will be looking to the markets to discover new coins and tokens they can invest in. As part of their discovery process, Ledger uses filter based on the coins that their hardware wallet supports - and Crown is not one of them, today.

This proposal aims to change that. Not only allowing users to store CRW, but also to allow them to participate in the *node network and supporting it.

Our team aims to create a light wallet/client to interact with the CRW network - similar to Electrum, but customized for CRW (with Voting rights when applicable, and the ability to launch/monitor nodes). During our internal development & testing processes, we need to launch a backend service to host masternodes/systemnodes to ensure interaction with the nodes is possible. Once interaction is deemed possible and bug-free, we intend for focus 100% of efforts on the light wallet and client itself.

To sum it up, here are the features we are looking to create with this funding.

1) Light wallet w/ voting & launch/monitor node capabilities, among other CRW-specific capabilities, similar to Electrum

2) A backend infrastructure for hosting Masternodes and Systemnodes during testing (to be torn down after internal testing)

3) Get Ledger on board with helping us market CRW to their customers, enabling more users to be exposed to CRW

4) End goal is full support on Ledger Wallet devices using our client, which will be open sourced after development is completed


The phases of this project are as follows:

Phase 1: Pre-study & Architecting - we start looking at the Electrum codebase and see how we can adapt it to our needs. Additionally, we look at setting up a backend system to host *nodes. We ensure as part of the pre-study that our software meets Ledger’s requirements.

Phase 2: Development of the backend system to host *nodes, development of the front-end client to ensure interaction of the network. Development of the GUI, ensuring its user-friendly and functional based on the CLI code

Phase 3: Development of ledger-specific integrations. Alpha testing (internal). We work with the Ledger team to define release dates and announcement activities.

Phase 4: Open Beta testing - community can sign up for the beta testing list and start playing with our software

Phase 5: Upon validation and successful beta test, release and open source

We have already identified several developers and talked with them to ensure they are on-board for this activity, just need to select 2 of them.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)

February 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019.

Expected timetable:

February 1, 2019: initial funding of 50,000 CRW - Phase 1 begins

March 1, 2019: secondary funding of 50,000 CRW - continue Phase 1 to completion, then proceed to Phase 2

April 1, 2019: third funding of 50,000 CRW - complete phase 2, target Phase 3 and 4

May 1, 2019: last funding of 50,000 CRW - complete Phase 4, enter and complete Phase 5

Acceptance criteria

Beta testing completion, release/announcements with Ledger, open sourcing the software stack


1) Force Majeure

2) If funding for 2 months is not secured, Phase 1 extends past the 1 month mark and will delay all subsequent phases

3) In the event funding is not secured, developers have to be released and we won’t be able to proceed further with the same people

Funding requirements

The proposal is for 200,000 CRW. January 12, 2019 price of CRW is 0.117 USD, all estimates are based on this figure.

Phase 1 cost is ~75,000 CRW (1 architect, 2 developers, $18.28125/hour, 40h/week (160h/month). $2925 per resource)

Phase 2 cost is ~50,000 CRW (2 developers, $18.28125/hour, 40h/week (160h/month). $2925 per developer)

Phase 3 cost is ~50,000 CRW (2 developers, $18.28125/hour, 40h/week (160h/month). $2925 per developer)

Phase 4 and 5 cost is ~25,000 CRW total (1 resource, $18.28125/hour, 40h/week (160h/month). $2925)


At this moment, while the team is assembled and the proposal is floating around, the communication shall be via email (

Once the team is assembled, we will communicate via Crown’s Discord and Telegram channels.

Expected team assembly date: February 19th, 2019

As this Google Doc is automatically refreshed every 5 minutes, we will keep posting updates here as well in the section called “Project Updates”

Additional comments

While this is our first proposal on the CRW network, we are no strangers to cryptocurrency or building applications that interact with cryptocurrency networks. We have worked on 2 other crypto projects, building out Core clients and Electrum clients, and wish to make Crown our third and most polished entry in the portfolio.

Project Updates

Here, we will put updates as we progress (until our team is fully assembled and joins Telegram/Discord). For now, we wait for the funding from the Crown community! -ledgerdev