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2021 World Schools Championships

Travel and Arrangements Information Sheet

Last updated xx/xx/xx (IRC)

If athletes families or coaches have any questions regarding the below please contact either:-

James Paxton:

There will be competitions for athletes in all categories in both GS and SL events. Please remember to ensure your skis and helmets are compliant with FIS regulations



1.       SSSA Team


tbc                         Team Delegate

tbc                           Head Coach

tbc                             Coach

tbc                   Coach

tbc                          Coach



2.       Travel Arrangements

Parents are responsible to make all travel arrangements independently, but recommended flights are detailed below.

Parents must confirm back to the SSSA when they will be joining the team. It should be at either:-

  1. The Scottish departure airport check-in
  2. The European airports arrivals area
  3. In-resort

Recommended flights for athletes (on which the coaches and head of delegation will be travelling) are:-

Outbound Flight


From/to:                           X to y

Flight No:                                 xxx

Bag drop opens                   xxxday xx Feb xx.00

Departs:                                   xxxday xx Feb xx.00

Arrives:                                     xxxday xx Feb xx.00


If athletes are joining the delegation at the departure airport they should assemble at the departures check-in at xxam at xxx airport.

For any athletes joining the team at the arrival airport, they should meet at arrivals at xx.00 local time.

All athletes will then be transferred to the resort.

For athletes joining the team at resort, please meet at 20.00 local time at xxx



Return Travel  (back to Scotland)

From/to:                           X to y

Flight No:                                 xxx

Bag drop opens                   xxxday xx Feb xx.00

Departs:                                   xxxday xx Feb xx.00

Arrives:                                     xxxday xx Feb xx.00

Parents must arrange collection of athletes from the airport, meeting them at the arrivals area. 

Remember to purchase any additional baggage and ski carriage that you may require.

The cost of this camp does not include flights or any baggage charges.

All parents/athletes must confirm their own booking of these flights.



3.       PAPERWORK


Athlete families will be emailed out all necessary paperwork for signature and return. We would ask parents to remind athletes of the honor bestowed on them in representing their nation and that families study the Code of Conduct fully and understand that strong sanctions will be taken if required.


  1. Athlete Information Form
  2. Athlete Code of Conduct
  3. Parents Code of Conduct
  4. Ski insurance policy summary
  5. Photocopy of passport
  6. Photocopy of EHC
  7. 1 x photo (passport size)



4.       COSTS


The core cost for this camp are approximately £xxx per athlete. The SSSA is subsidising this cost to the tune of £xxx for each athlete. Therefore parents are required to pay £xxx. Please make payment in GBP to the below account as soon as possible, and confirm when payment has been made. The deadline for payment is xxth December 20xx. Please include the name of the athlete in the payment reference. The only costs not included in this are lunches each day.


Account Name: Scottish Schools Snowsports Association

Sort Code:              11805766

Account No:           80-22-60


If we have not received full payment and your paperwork by the deadline, we will assume you no longer want your place and will re-allocate it to a reserve athlete.



5.       Accommodation


The team are required to stay in the official team accommodation for the full duration of the event.

The details of the accommodation are:-





6.       Injuries

If your child sustains an injury which requires medical attention, SSSA staff will, at all times, follow the advice of the medical practitioner in attendance.  If the medical practitioner advises your child not to ski, this advice must be followed.  No form of parental waiver contrary to medical advice will be accepted.


7.       Valuables


Both the accommodation and transport are arranged by the local organisers and shared with other national teams.  Parents are therefore advised that any valuables are carried at your/your child’s own risk.


8.       Pocket Money


Pocket money is only required for lunches on the hill and an occasional extra drink or snack. Athletes should, therefore, require no more than £100euros


9.       Scottish Souvenirs / Kilts


The international nature of this event means that Scottish heritage will be central to our team. We encourage athletes to seek out suitable Scottish souvenirs, flags etc to bring along to swap with other nations. We would also be keen that our athletes take this opportunity to wear kilts and, if they play them, bring bagpipes - we have a strong tradition at this event to uphold.


10.   Contact


We may not have ready access to a telephone in the hotel.  We will provide emergency contact numbers for the team delegate and head coaches nearer the time.


11.   Parents Attendance


We are always delighted to welcome parents in a supporting role at these exciting events. Quite a few parents have made this trip in the past, and enjoyed the experience. The Head Coach, xxx will be very happy to discuss plans with any parents who may be attending the games.


12.   Schedule


The detailed ISF schedule can be found here


Please direct and questions to:-

James Paxton and xxx

Organisers for the SSSA 2021 World Schools Championships Delegation