6th Grade Supply List

All 6th grade students will need to bring:

All 6th grade students will need:

Bible: ESV Bible

English/Language Arts: 1 package of Crayola markers (broad tip),1 package Crayola markers (thin)

                                          1 pair 7-8” pointed Fiskar scissors, 2 glue sticks,

                                          4 pkgs wide-ruled notebook paper, 2 wide-ruled composition books (not  spirals),

                                          2 medium-tip, black Sharpies, 1 plastic pencil box (8.625" x 5.75" x 2.5") to leave

                                          in the English classroom

Math: Math - 1 subject spiral notebook, wide rule

           1 1/2 inch binder with 5 dividers

           1 pkg of skinny dry earse markers

           1 pkg of 3x5 notecards

           12 inch ruler

           Notebook Paper, wide rule


History: 1 subject spiral notebook, wide rule

 1 plastic folder, with prongs

 1 pkg 4x6 notecards

Science: 1 subject spiral notebook, wide rule

 1 plastic folder, with prongs

 1 pkg 9x12 construction paper

Academic Learning Center-If your student is enrolled is the Academic Learning Center(Prior authorization required) then please bring  1 ream of regular notebook paper (not college ruled)  and       12 pencils to Mrs. Haxel’s classroom.

Middle School Art: 50 page spiral bound sketchbook/container of wet wipes(hands)  for classroom

Middle School Computer: 2 Gig Flash drive to leave in class at all times

Middle School Spanish: 1 subject notebook, different colored pocket folders, pen

Athletics/PE:  TCA approved PE shirt and shorts- Additional information will be sent home through athletic department. (If you ordered a PE uniform these will be ready for pick up at orientation, Monday, August 13.  Even if you receive an email stating that your uniform is ready from inksoft….they will be available for pick up at orientation.)