Find, Take, Teach Sunday School Course

This approach uses two presentations and two handouts, along with one on one instruction to help LDS Church members learn to love family history, learn basic family history skills, find names to take to the temple, and learn to be relatively accurate.

Getting Started: FamilySearch Basics is a presentation that is shown and discussed during the first class period. It provides a summary of the doctrine of family history and temple work along with an overview of the FamilySearch website. FamilySearch Family Tree Basics is a companion handout. A print and digital copy of the handout, as well as a digital copy of the presentation is provided for each class member. During subsequent class periods, class members are encouraged to complete the steps on the handout. The goal is to get to know ancestors who are already in Family Tree, and seek inspiration as to which ancestors might have relatives who need temple work.

One on one help should be available for each class member, preferably the same person each week. Helpers should have some basic computer and family history skills but need not be experts. However, it is best if someone with more advanced computer and family history skills is available to assist those who are helping. The number of class periods for learning basic skills can be flexible depending on class member needs. Additional in home meetings during the week are also available for each class member.

Once basic skills have been learned, Sharing Temple Blessings With Your Ancestors is presented. The companion handout is Find, Take, Teach. Prior to this class period, each class member is asked to prayerfully select a “target” person. A consultant then reviews each class member’s Family Tree (focusing on the target person), and prepares a personalized lesson plan using the principles outlined on the handout. Using is recommended. Here is a sample lesson plan (multiple class periods will likely be needed to complete these lesson plans). Digital and print copies of the lesson plan and handout are given to each class member, along with a digital copy of the presentation. One on one help is provided to complete each step. Again, the number of class (or home) sessions for this can be flexible.

Other than the video in the second presentation, the presentations can be presented via an Internet connection, even slow ones like in Church buildings. I suggest you download the video if you want to play it. If you want to show the presentations from your hard drive, please contact me at and I can send a ppt version to you. However, be aware that future updates to the presentations will not be included in your downloaded version. Also, ppt versions will contain formatting errors.