5-8 Visual Art

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


Theme: Drawing; Line and Shape

Goal: Sketch original ideas to plan artwork. Draw using varied materials to create a self-portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso.

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.5a

Theme: Printmaking; Pattern

Goal: Create prints using water-based ink, brayers, carving tools, and relief blocks.

Standards: VA:Cr2.2.5a

Theme: Painting; Color Theory

Goal: Experiment with value studies, tints, and shades.

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.5a 

Theme: Sculpture

Goal:   Sew soft sculpture using fabric

Standards: VA:Cr1.2.5a


Theme: Drawing; Line and Shape

Goal: Create a composition using contour lines.

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.6a 

Theme: Painting; Color Theory/Color Mixing Techniques

Goal: Create a personalized color wheel using only the the primary colors.

Standards: VA:Cr2.3.6a 

Theme: Printmaking; Texture/Pattern

Goal: Create lithographies and analyze the balance created by multiple elements of art.

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.6a

Theme: Sculpture

Goal: Create a paper relief sculpture incorporating texture and rhythm.

Standards: VA:Cr1.1.6a


Theme: Drawing; Line/shape

Goal: Analyze artists’ use of lines to create optical illusions.

Standards: VA:Cr1.2.7a

Theme: Drawing; Form/Space/Perspective

Goal: Analyze artists’ use of lines to create one-point perspective. 

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.7a

Theme: Kirigami; Line/Pattern

Goal: Analyze the use of decorative texture to create visual impact.

Standards: VA:Cr2.3.7a

 Theme: Sculpture

Goal: Create a non-objective slot sculpture using cardboard.




Theme:  Drawing; Value

Goal: Show proficiency in using value to create a work of art.

Standards: VA:Cr1.1.8a

Theme: Painting; Painting Techniques; Value; Atmospheric Perspective

Goal: Analyze the use of lines, texture, space, and scale in compositions

Standards:  VA:Cr1.2.8a

Theme: Fiber Arts; Texture/Pattern

Goal: Explore the artistic tools, processes, and subjects representative of major periods or styles.

Standards: VA:Cr2.1.8a

Theme: Sculpture, 3D modeling

Goal: Construct a sculpture in a 3D modeling program.

Standards: VA:Cr1.1.8a