Year 0

The Planet Trade Organization (PTO) is a galactic force run by Frigid. The army employs and enslaves powerful races such as Arcosians to conquer suitable planets so they can be sold to the highest bidder(s). Many formidable races are forced into the organization with the threat of their own planet’s destruction if they do not comply. Weak races are exterminated and their planets sold on the galactic market. The Planet Trade Organization currently owns 192 planets at approximately 40% of the known universe. The empire is kept under control from its base on Arconia with Frigid’s iron fist.

Listen! Don't you men get it!? There are no individual races anymore! There are only two kinds of people now! Those who obey Frigid, and those who disobey him...and they never live very long! So which kind of people are we? Do we support Frigid? Good! It's better than dying, take my word. Now get back to work, you bums." - Planet Frigid 79 Commander

As the PTO grows closer to ruling over half the galaxy, planets on the far rings of the galaxy are threatened by the organization’s rapid expansion. What fate befalls them is yet to be seen. For now however, Frigid is occupied with the consolidation of his empire from its capital, Arconia, building infrastructure, outposts and selling governorship to his richest subjects.

Year 5

The PTO has been organized into two divisions, the first being the PTO army lead by Zirthul who defeated all challengers in the Arconia grand tournament, the second being first Asmodeus, then Bloopis after Asmodeus stepped in to battle Frigid with Comet, an upstart Changeling who had wanted to start a revolution. Bloopis, being only a soldier in Frigid’s army, stepped in to battle on Frigid’s side and somehow defeated the leader of the Frigid Force one on one during the process. Bloopis was promoted to the leader of the Frigid Force in Asmodeus’ place and Comet lost an arm as punishment for his crimes.

The PTO has established a drilling base upon the planet’s surface, one run by the planet’s head scientist, Pretos, and the other being a pylon facility divided into three parts, one of them run by each of the squad members sent to steal them from Arconia’s best magician, Orb. As the repairs to Frigid’s space ship near completion, there is a rift within the PTO army and it looks as if civil war is inevitable. Certain members of the Frigid force have been assigned a grisly task and it is yet to be seen how it will turn out.

For the inhabitants of the rest of the universe, their fate is yet to be seen. Soon the PTO will be conquering and trading planets once again, the momentary pause in PTO expansion halting it only for a moment.