Modules Overview for FIN

Session C | Notes taken by Ashlee Cadwell & Shauna Stark


Purchasing - Lorraine Hamann

  1. POs can go to 3 email addresses.  Could it go it AP as one of the three?
  1. Yes, up to 3.  AP could be one. At SDCOE, AP uses the receipt to know what is ready to be paid.
  1. Do you have to manually type the email address?
  1. If the correct email is on the supplier record, no, you don’t have to type.  But you can type it and “;” another email address.
  1. How do you receive on open PO?  
  1. We receive on the amount of the bill including bill.  Like Staples, if $12 plus tax, that amount is received.
  1. Do you do amount only for service?
  1. No, just utilities. If have amount only PO, you receive the amount you are going to pay.  The requester does the receiving ev?
  1. M.Pong: Do you attach packing slip to each receipt?
  1. Yes, we tell people to attach what they have.
  1. M.Pong: Does it take a lot of time, that is what our sites say.
  1. If they have a scanner, it takes no time at all.
  1. D.Caperton:  At Vista we assigned AP a dept code email where POs get sent to so they can look things up by that dept code.
  2. T.Douglas:  If don’t send a PO to the site, how do they know what POs have been sent?
  1. The site goes into the system, pulls up Manage Requisitions and finds the PO number.

Ron:  Project costing

  1. No questions                

Olivia: Hyperion

  1. T.Douglas: Is Hyperion like BPS?  
  1. Shauna:  Yes, it is a replacement with much more functionality.


  1. None recorded.