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Minutes of Regular Session Meeting

                                                                     June 19, 2018

The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Sheridan, Wyoming convened a regular meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 7:01 p.m. in the Westminster Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Hayden, Transition/Interim Pastor, moderated the meeting.


Moderator: Pastor Paul Hayden

Ex Officio: Dennis Heizer, Financial Manager

Elders present:  David Motsick, Doug Beagle, Jeri Joy, Judy Garber, Loren Ruttinger, Tod Windsor, Kim Kozel, Doug Moore, Jean Morgan, Jim Lyon, Tina Anderson, Peggy Blaha, Kathy Lundberg, Carla White, Gareth Dixon, Ted Knapp, Carol Davis, Beth Bailey and Linnet McGoodwin

Elders absent:  Teresa Williams, and Janis DeVore


Pastor Paul opened the meeting with prayer.  


Pastor Paul opened with a discussion on Psalm 1. While vacationing in Scotland, Pastor Paul will preach on Psalm 1.  He asked for our help and input.  He asked that we read through the Psalm twice.  Once as to how it relates to each of us.  And the second time, on the part of the church and how it relates to the church.  Each elder shared their thoughts.


The agenda was presented and approved with a motion, a second and carried.  


The Clerk’s report and minutes of the last session meeting were approved as presented.  A motion was made, followed with a second, and carried.


Dennis Heizer, financial manager, presented the financial reports and explained them.  The May Balance Sheet reflects the following:

        Total assets:                                      $3,846,438.44

        Total liabilities:                                 58,501.20

        Reserves (Retained Earnings):                 62,707.61

The Treasurer’s Monthly Report was also received and reflected the following:

        May Income:                                                        23,835.34

        May Expense:                                              27,864.24

        May Net Loss:                                                   - 4,028.90

        YTD Net Gain:                                                       5,075.67

Dennis reported he is continuing to work with the Presbyterian Foundation on the proposed electronic giving system, and the implementation of it for our church. Additionally he indicated we may consider changing our bank relationship.  However, at this time, we have a good supply of checks we need to use up.

The financial reports were approved during the Budget and Finance Committee report below.


Budget Finance & Stewardship    June 12, 2018

Oral and written reports were presented by Carol Davis.  Session action requested:

  1. Accept financial reports as presented.  The motion carried and the reports were accepted as presented.

Discussion also included a more current way to inform the congregation of the church’s financial position in the newsletter, and perhaps the website. It was reported Dennis is supplying additional graph data for our newsletter, so congregation members have a deeper understanding of the financial condition of the church.  Ushers were reminded of the requirement to have two people count the offering and sign off on the count sheets. Discussion continued on stewardship possibilities and future use of our money and other giving.

Personnel    June 12, 2018

 Jim Lyon gave an oral and written report. No session action was requested by the committee. Jim reported Lisa Lunbeck has been hired to fill the cleaning position which has been vacated by Dian Lion.  Job descriptions are being reviewed for corrections or additions by the appropriate committees who oversee employees.  

Technical and Communications   June 12, 2018

Ted Knapp presented a written and oral report for the committee.  No session action was requested. Ted reported that the upgrade on Wi-Fi is not yet complete, as we are needing some equipment yet. Tod is managing the final stages of development of the church logo.  The website structure is complete.  Some pictures and content still need to be added. Donation software issues are still a work in progress.

Fellowship   June 12, 2018

Kim Kozel reported.  No session action was requested.  Please refer to the written committee report for detail on activities.  Upcoming activities will include a golf event, a church talent show, PIGGS picnic, and Camp Story Worship Service.  

Properties   June, 2018

Gareth Dixon presented an oral report only.  No session action was requested.  He reported our new maintenance man is coming along well. He reported that we will do parking lot repairs most likely next spring.  Additionally, there is a plan being developed to replace our long tables in the fellowship hall. A landscape plan of our site is being developed to determine how many shrubs and plants need replacement. At this time, possibly 12 shrubs are needed and we may seek the assistance of Jane Gallagher with planning the job.  The front door lock needs repair. Discussion was held on the remodel and possibly moving the nursery.  Pros and cons were discussed.  We decided we must address any conflict involved and the Christian Ed committee should be involved in the decision making also.  It was noted that Habitat for Humanity will be using our facilities, including showers in the month of July.

Membership and Evangelism   June 13, 2018

Tina Anderson reported. No session action was requested.   Tina reported the committee is going ahead with development of a “Fellowship Friends” program as a way to foster new members, and develop deeper inclusion of them into the church activities and friendships. Tina reported our advertising is somewhat sloppy.  Members are reviewing all advertising for complete and appropriate information. She also reported the need for a larger budget in future years.

Mission and Outreach   June 11, 2018

Peggy Blaha reported and referred to the written report.  No session action was requested. Peggy indicated the committee will soon create a mission statement. She reported Oct. 7th has been set for the JUST Coffee tasting event.

Worship   June 12, 2018

Loren Ruttinger reported.  The following action was requested of session:

  1. Worship Committee recommended that Camp Story Worship be held at 11:00am on August 26, 2018.  There will be only one service. The motion carried.

No special music is planned until July 1st.  Loren discussed the volunteer opportunities there are for the jobs the committee is responsible for. Cleaning and organization is ongoing in the music room.

Christian Education   June 12, 2018

Judy Garber presented a written and oral report. No session action was requested.  Judy reported the committee has asked Membership Committee to stay in contact with all graduating seniors even if they do not attend college.  CJ Clem and the children attending mobile VBS will be giving a presentation on July 29th at Worship. She reported the committee will be meeting in July, as they have much work and planning to do. Sunday School will begin on September 9th.  CJ will act as a support to the superintendent who has yet to be named.  She reported the downtown VBS was a success, however only one FPC child attended the whole week.  CJ’s children attended the first two days. Pastor Paul provided music and assisted throughout the week.  Several youth assisted with Lunch Together during the month.

Presbyterian Women     May 2018

No report was presented.

C.J. Clem, Minister to Youth and Children Report   May/June 2018

A written report was presented from C.J.  The report outlines upcoming activities including VBS,  Youth Serving Lunch Together, and mobile VBS. There are four children going to Encampment for mobile VBS.  CJ will preach one Sunday in July. A Logos Leadership training/meeting will be held August 1st.  

Pastor Paul’s Report      May/June 2018

Pastor Paul presented an oral and written report.  Pastor Paul will be absent three Sundays in July for vacation. Arrangements for others to fill the pulpit have been made.  

Other Business

Pastor Paul announced that we will be covering the topic of church safety in the fall.  Tod Windsor will make a presentation at that time.


No report was given.  Director Alicia Ford, was not in attendance.  



Pastor Paul closed with prayer.


A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:20.  There will be no regular session meeting in July 2018.  After adjournment of the regular meeting, elders and Pastor went into the sanctuary.  There Pastor Paul led a discussion on our new Mission Statement.  He provided a handout, and asked for input and discussion on how to work to best implement the statement.  Additionally, we discussed the meaning of each part of the statement.



Carla J. White, Clerk of Session