GRAYLING MIDDLE SCHOOL                      

                                                     REPORT CARDS DUE DATES



                1st Trimester                                                                                                  

                     November 30th           End of 1st Trimester

                     December 5th            Collect 1st Trimester grades from teachers

                December 7th          Send Home 1st Trimester Report Cards with students


                2nd Trimester                                                                                                  

                  March 15th         End of 2nd Trimester

                     March 20th          Collect 2nd Trimester grades from teachers

          March 21th           Send Home 2nd Trimester Report Cards with students



                3rd Trimester                                                                                                

                  June 12th        End of 3rd Trimester-Last day of school

                     June 12th          Collect 3rd Trimester grades from teachers

                     June 21st          Mail Home 3rd Trimester Report Cards