Matilda was walking down the road to go to a restaurant. When we got inside matilda's mum said to her dad take of your hat, but he said i can't, matilda's mum said, it's a nice place you can't wear a hat inside. But i can't take it off, matilda's mum said nobody cares what your hair looks like. Matildas mum tryed and tryed to get his hat off but she could not take it off. Matildas mum by mistake let go and flung her over the table and mr wormwood got flung  into a lady then into a table full of cakes and then the cakes flung up in the air a waiter Some boards and a cake fell on matilda's plate with a fork and michael got caked in the face . When they got home Mrs wormwood said i don't know how you got the hat on your head, but mr wormwood said that it must've shrunk. Matilda was smirking while they were getting angry at each other, mrs wormwood  got the hat of off and was like “OH MY GOSH ”he grabbed a mirror and said from now on this family will do what i say when i say. But right now i am watching TV.