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Avasara Hostel Warden JD
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Hostel Warden

This is a student care and coordination role for a dedicated professional committed to building and supporting a community among students living on campus.

What is Avasara Academy?

Avasara Academy is a nonprofit institution located just outside Pune, India. Avasara is a progressive secondary school intended to educate young women of exceptional promise for a lifetime of leadership and contribution to society. Students are selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone. Those selected will engage in a specialized academic program designed to couple academic excellence (through the Cambridge curriculum) with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability and Indian studies in Standards 6-12.

Avasara will provide its students with extensive educational resources—most of which are not currently offered to high-potential young Indian women—including unique mentorship and internship opportunities to explore their personal strengths and interests. Avasara will continue to nurture these leaders throughout their lives by connecting them to powerful networks that can facilitate larger-scale change. Avasara Academy, therefore, is not just a school but a life-long network that will cultivate innovative, entrepreneurial leaders.

Residential Life at Avasara Academy

Our Residential Life Program promotes community and student development by creating an environment that enriches the overall experience of students. Working with the broader faculty and student-residents, Residential Life activities and services are developed and implemented with an emphasis on holistic individual and community development, student leadership, and individual responsibility. Our hope is that students who participate in the Residential Life program become actively involved in the community; have an increasing awareness and appreciation of human diversity; and develop life skills and healthy lifestyle practices that contribute to the pursuit of academic, personal, and career  goals.

Key Responsibilities

Profile of the Ideal Candidate


Location: Pune, India

Start Date: To be determined

To Apply: Email with a CV or resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position