Quarter 3 Elective Offerings

Grade 8

Modern Propaganda

Mr. Wolf

Curricular Connection:  Art, Social Studies, Technology

Description: What is modern propaganda? In this elective, you will explore modern propaganda, and discover how propaganda is used to exploit political and/or economic situations. You will also learn about the power of propaganda in the media, and how consumers are blinded by the truth. By the end of the elective, you will create your own propaganda video.

Learning Outcomes:          

Mock Trial

Mr. Treinen

Curricular Connection: Social Studies, ELA

Description: This elective will give students the opportunity to participate in several mock trials.  Students will learn about the various roles involved and have the chance to argue and decide outcomes.  We will begin with a trial based on a fairy tale, then move into more serious cases.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course, students will:

The Art of Movie Making

Ms. Fogel

Curriculum Connection: ELA, Technology

Description: Do you really enjoy watching movies?  Have you ever thought about becoming a professional filmmaker?  If you’re a serious film buff with a real interest in cinema, then this elective is for you!  In The Art of Movie Making, we will watch clips from popular movies in order to study techniques filmmakers use to create their movie masterpieces.  We will learn about cinematic devices directors use to make us smile, to make us cry, and to make us jump out of our seats whenever a creepy object or person appears out of nowhere.  We will then use what we have learned about these techniques to create short, original film scenes of our own.

Learning Outcomes: Students will....

Helping Hands

Ms. Akhrameeva

Curricular Connection:  Service Learning

Description: During this elective, students will have the opportunity to brainstorm, plan and lead different activities to help the AAS community and the Noy house (near Ivanteevka). They will research and learn different games and activities to interact with AAS elementary school children and Russian kids in Noy house. During their visit to Noy House, MS students will be able to bring light and happiness into the lives of less privileged children.

Learning Outcomes: