Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter


D. LeBlanc and J. Gisclair

Monday: Review for Module 1-3 Review Test

Tuesday: Module 1-3 Review Test

Wednesday: Module 4 Lesson 3

Thursday: Module 4 Lesson 5

Friday: Module 4 Lesson 6



Monday & Tuesday: Prewrite, write, and edit a compare and contrast essay.

Wednesday: Prepare for upcoming district test.

Thursday & Friday: District test


Monday & Tuesday: Electromagnets Snaps Lab

Wednesday: Gravitational forces

Thursday & Friday: Gravitational forces Snaps Lab

Social Studies

Monday: Geography

Tuesday: Early Greeks

Wednesday: Types of Government

Thursday: Life in Greece

Friday: Sparta

girls Health and Pe

This Week We Will Be Physical Fitness Testing

boys health and pe

This week we will finish with the Basketball unit.


Students will continue with learning the letters of the keyboard.


Focus: The Band’s focus this week will be to start reading new music, and continue to work on basic

              Fundamentals.  Students should be practicing out of their method books at home, as well as

              The music that is given to them.


Band Fundraisers this year:  World’s Finest Chocolate Sale begins  in January.


Monday, January 6:  BETA Meeting @ Skinny Time

Monday, January 6:  BB @ WTMS 5:30 PM

Wednesday, January 8:  Report Cards

Wednesday, January 8:  Stu Co Meeting @ Skinny

Thursday, January 9:  4-H Meeting @ Skinny

Wednesday January 9:  BB @ EDW 5:30 PM

Friday, January 10:  BB @ LKMS

Saturday, January 10:  BB @ LKMS

Monday, January 13: BB @ LCOMS vs ETMS @ 5:30 PM

Thursday, January 16:  Honor Roll Breakfast @ 9:30 AM

Thursday, January 16:  BB @ LCOMS vs CCMS 5:30 PM

Friday, January 17:  PBiS Bash

Monday, January 20:  NO SCHOOL MLK DAY

Tuesday, January 21:  NO SCHOOL PD DAY

Wednesday, January 22:  BB @ LCOMS vs RMS 5:30 PM

Thursday, January 23:  Snowball Sale $3

Friday, January 24:  PBIS Dress Down $1

Friday, January 24:  LCOMS BB Tournament

Saturday, January 25:  LCOMS BB Tournament

Monday, January 27:  BB @ BBMS 5:30 PM

Wednesday, January 29:  8th Grade Meeting for SL Scheduling 9:00 AM

Thursday. January 30:  BB @ LCOMS vs SWMS 5:30 PM

Friday, January 31:  Redemption Friday

Friday, January 31:  8th Graders schedule for SLHS during Quest for Success Classes