NOTE: Currently, there is no Free Agents Team to join

Before checking out the below, make sure you’ve read the New Player FAQ.

For the seasons with a Free Agents Team, PWSL opens registration for a team of “free agents” - a team of players who may have never met, but are willing to join together to play women’s soccer. The team name in the past has been Rebels - Players will be 18+ and play in our “open” Division 2 or 3. Continue reading below for details and to sign up if there is a Free Agents Team.

How will players be added to this team?

An email soliciting players will be sent to individuals who have left their contact details in our Players Looking for Teams form.  We also plan to post to the League’s website, Craigslist, and Facebook to the extent a significant number of roster spots remain available.

Interested players will find instructions to register and pay at the end of this document.

Who determines if a player will be added?

A volunteer board member (all board members are unpaid volunteers) will verify registrations are complete and players meet eligibility requirements. Players will be added on a first come, first served basis as long as they have paid the registration fee.  Players who have registered are not part of the team until they have paid the fee (and only if a roster spot remains available at the time of payment).

Am I guaranteed to get onto this team if I sign up?

If you are one of the first 25 to both register AND pay, yes! We will post (at the top of this page) when the team is full and can no longer accept players.

How many players will be on this team?

PWSL anticipates that this team will have at least 18, and can have up to 25 players (the maximum roster size allowed by league policies).

How much will it cost to join this team?

$100 USD (Note: PWSL does not issue refunds).

What am I getting for my money?

The hard numbers:

The softer benefits:

What division will this team play in?

Division 2 or 3.  As this is a team of unknown skill with players who perhaps haven’t played together before, PWSL will schedule this team at the bottom of the “open” divisions to start, unless the team’s skill allows for a higher division placement.  (See the New Player FAQ for more information on divisions.)

What ages will the players on this team be?

Players will be at least 18 years old. There is no upper limit to the age of a player that can register. Typically, players in this division are between 18-50.

What skill level will this team play at?

As this is a team of unknown skill with players who perhaps haven’t played together before, it will likely start out low and increase as the season goes on (and if the team stays together, in subsequent seasons as well!).

Will skill level among players be regulated?

No - not for this “free agent” team in its first season.

The league is centered around teams, and not currently set up to accommodate individual player placement. PWSL has many potential players express interest, and we often have more inquiries than current teams can accommodate on their rosters.  So, we want to give these players a way to get onto the field ASAP if there aren’t openings on existing teams. The dedicated energy to verify skill level via tryouts/practice is not sustainable for PWSL’s volunteer board members who will not ultimately play with, or be the Team Manager, for this team.  

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance on joining a group of strangers with a common interest to become a team (over the years, many teams in our league have started this way!).

I’ve played soccer before but need to get back into shape, is this team for me?

Yes! Many players join our league under this exact scenario. As you get a feel for the level of competition you’re looking for and how it matches up to divisions in the league, you can stay in this division or switch teams next season.

I want to play competitively, is this team for me?

Maybe!  The upside here is that you get to play immediately, and be available to other more competitive teams in the league to sub for them as well.  If you can imagine yourself being very frustrated with playing with a variety of skill levels - some below your own - until the team gels together, you might consider waiting for a competitive team to call you.  If you can imagine yourself having fun just getting back on the field while you meet other league members and until you find the right competitive team, come on out!

Please note - if you do find another competitive team for which you are a better fit during the season, be courteous to your teammates and make sure to change rosters. If you stop showing up to games for this team and do not respond, you will be dropped and ineligible to play in any PWSL games until officially rostered with a different team.

I am new to soccer, is this team for me?

Maybe!  We have had beginners join the league and have a great time learning the game. It typically helps to have an athletic inclination (even if you’re not in top shape yet) and a great attitude. If you’re pumped and willing to put the effort into learning the rules and skills, go for it.

Will I be kicked off this team if I am not skilled enough?

For the spring season, this team will maintain "free agents" status, and no players will be dropped for skill level.

After the spring season, the team will be considered an independent returning team, and the roster will be handled by someone who steps up and agrees to be the Team Manager.

What if I cannot make all of the games?

All of us have commitments that will require we skip a game here and there. As long as you can make the majority (~9 of 12 games), you'll be fine.

Keep in mind when making a commitment to play on a soccer team, it is a TEAM sport - it doesn't work so well if there aren't enough players on the field or subs on the sideline.

What if a player who signs up doesn’t show up to games?

If a player who registers to this team does not show up or communicate with the designated Team Manager(s), a board member will step in to verify they are not responsive. In that case, they will be dropped with the opportunity for the Team Manager to find another player to take her place.

The board will not drop a player who shows up and communicates but is not competitive in skill.

If I don’t sign up this season, when will I get another chance?

All PWSL teams can add/drop players through the season, so you might get picked up during the current season.  If not, we'll announce ahead of the next season if we will be putting together another "free agents" team (fall season starts at the beginning of September and the spring season starts in January).

I have a friend who wants to be on this team with me, how do I make sure we’re placed together?

Make sure they follow these same instructions and pay their reg fee!  If the team is full, then please have them review the New Player FAQ for their options to join the League.

I paid, but I’ve decided I can’t/don’t want to play. Can I get a refund? Why not?

PWSL does not issue refunds. Experience strongly suggests that players who have not made a financial commitment will not make a commitment to showing up to games, either.  Payment not only covers the costs associated with administering games, it gives players incentive to fully participate.

There are many unforeseeable reasons players with the best intentions may not be able to play - a change in work or family commitments, injury, etc. - but those are standard risks all players understand are possible when signing up (on this or any team in the league!).

Before joining, evaluate if these risks are worth it to you, as there are no refunds.

How will a Team Manager be selected for this team?

Our Board of Directors will select 1-3 Team Managers from the players who sign up for the free agents team.  As outlined in the New Player FAQ, Team Managers are a vital part of running this league. Each team absolutely needs a point of contact who will coordinate players and interface with the Board.

If there are any volunteers among the players who sign up to this team, they likely will assume the manager or assistant manager role.

If there are not, the league will randomly assign the responsibility to 1 or more of the players rostered for the free agents team. They will in turn pass along any and all communications from the league, and brief themselves on league policies.

When and where are games?

Games will start in January. Field locations will rotate each week - currently we play at Point Loma, Clairemont, and Serra High Schools, and Santee Community Park (you can check the schedule and find more info on field locations at  

Will this team practice?

That will be totally up to the players on this team. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to meet up ahead of the first game - either for practice, or a social happy hour!

What will this team wear for uniforms?

With your registration, you will receive one numbered t-shirt as your uniform. Shorts and socks are not required to match across players.

What will happen at our first game? How about subsequent games?

At the first game, either your assigned Team Manager(s) or a board member will be on hand to deliver your uniform. You all will introduce yourselves to each other. Your assigned Team Manager(s) will have a roster to print and fill out before the game, and referees will check your government-issued identification (i.e., driver’s license) against the roster.  Then you will play 90 minutes of soccer!

At subsequent games, you will be on your own as a team.  For every game, each player must bring their government-issued identification (“ID”) to show to the referee.  The ID must show the player's face and date of birth (a clear digital or paper color copy thereof if legally allowed to be copied is an acceptable substitute of ID; consider keeping a color copy on your cell phone or in your soccer bag). Unless a PWSL Board Member is available/volunteers to help, the Team Manager(s) will handle the administrative tasks (reminding players of game time, taking a weekly roll call to make sure enough players show up, bringing the roster).

How will we contact each other?

You will have access to each other’s contact info through the website, or your Team Manager(s).

I’ve read the FAQ, and I’m ready to commit! How do I sign up?

You will need to register and pay. You will need both a current (taken within the last five years), clear, color headshot photo of yourself (i.e., a selfie) and a photo of your government-issued ID with date of birth listed (a phone photo works great if legible) to upload. The headshot photo must only have your face in it (please crop out your friends and family) and have both no facial obstructions (full face in view without shadowing and without sunglasses).

  1. To register, follow this link. A page will appear asking you to sign in or create an account.
  1. Create an account.
  1. Provide an email
  2. Confirm via link emailed to you & create a password
  1. Return to the registration link, and sign in.
  2. Click the green “register” button (note, if you get interrupted and log in again, this might be yellow “edit” button to the left of your name).
  3. Fill out the required participant information fields and click Submit.
  4. Complete the supplemental information:
  1. Confirm you are 18+
  2. Enter emergency contact info
  3. Under “Choose a team” select - Rebels
  4. Review the borrowing policy; select Aged division eligibility
  5. Agree to the waiver
  6. Agree to the turf rules
  7. Upload a photo - only your face, with no hats or glasses
  8. Upload proof of age (your government-issued ID)
  1. Pay the fees
  2. You will see a confirmation page - you’re done!

You will receive email confirmation within 48 hours that your registration and payment have been reviewed.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, then something went wrong and your registration is not complete.

I promise I’ve read this entire document, but I STILL have questions.  Who should I talk to?

        Email Registrar at