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User Guide - Meter Reading Submittal Editor
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Colorado Division of Water Resources

This is a guide for well owners and managers to use the DWR Online Meter Reading Submittal/Editor Tool.

This document covers the manual entry/edit page.  Separately, see bulk uploading meter readings.

Additional guidance is available in three videos on the DWR YouTube channel.

Setting Up your Account

Meter Reading Home Page

Filtering Results (Search Fields)

Using the Meter Reading Entry Grid

Entering Meter Readings

Deleting Meter Readings

Setting Up your Account

  1. Go here:

  1. Click “Register for a New Account”

If you get an error saying an account already exists, sign in with your CDSS login.

  1. Fill in the information required and click “Register”.  You must register using the same email address that DWR (your association or district) has for you.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Click the link.
  3. You will be re-routed to a screen that says “Your Account has been Confirmed”.

  1. Close everything, go here and sign in:

Important: for the best experience, click “Stay signed in”, and bookmark the Meter Readings page.

Meter Reading Home Page

Once you have signed in to the site, you will see a meter entry grid similar to the one shown below.
The grid shows all of the meters you are responsible for reporting readings for so it may have one to many meters listed.   If you believe that your list is incomplete or any meters are listed in error, please contact the appropriate Division office.

Filtering Results (Search Fields)

If your user is with multiple associations, they will have the ability to select the Association as a filter, if they want. Association Managers will only see those structures in their own association.

The Farm Unit/Farm Group filter is not currently functional, but it will be in the future. There is still development needed to store this information in the database.

The third filter can either filter by Reporter, Meter Name (assigned by the User), or the Meter Serial Number.

You can either use the drop down to navigate to your Reporter, or you can start typing in the name of your reporter.


If you want to only see Meters that have a meter reading due, select the check box as shown below.

You can also choose to see inactive wells. This feature is not active at this moment because the inactive forms have not been loaded into the system.

You can also filter using any of the other fields under “More Options”

If you are searching by specific WDIDs, you can enter multiple WDIDs at once to get a specific list of structures.

Once you have the filters set how you want, click “Search” to apply them.

You can save diffferent search criteria as different bookmarks.

Using the Meter Reading Entry Grid

The Meter Reading Entry Grid is fully customizable. 

You can sort by and filter by any of the columns by clicking on the 3 dots in the right hand side of the column (also called “berries”)

You can either use the Default layout, or you can create up to 3 customizable layouts.

Select one of the “User setting” layouts.

You can now show more columns or remove columns, resize columns, save search parameters etc. Once you have made your changes, you can rename your new table layout by clicking the  icon.

Type in your new layout name into the pop up window.

You can reorder columns by clicking and dragging those columns over to the placement you want.

Entering Meter Readings

  1. Navigate to the structure you want to report on. You can either set the default reporting date at the top of the grid or enter a unique date for each structure.

  1. Enter the meter reading. Leading 0s must be entered. The easiest way to do this is to enter the number reported and then fill in the leading 0s until all spaces are full. You can also hit the “Same as Last” button to autofill the meter reading.

  1. Make sure to hit the “Save Changes” button often, as to avoid losing work.

  1. Your Compliance flags should change to show that a new reading was submitted

  1. Once you have entered meter readings and you are confident that these readings are as complete as you are going to get, you can Lock records so users can no longer make edits to their meter readings. You can either click each one individually or hit the “Toggle All Locks” button to lock all meter readings entered for this period.

Deleting Meter Readings

Only meter readings that have not been approved by DWR can be deleted or changed. To do this, you must navigate to the “Details” page for the structure. Do this by clicking the “View” link on the left hand side of the meter entry grid.

This will be a new tab that opens up. You will see a similar grid to the default meter reading entry page.

Notice that only one record has a pencil next to the meter reading record. This means that all other records have been approved by DWR, and can no longer be edited by either the association or the user.

If you want to edit the record, click the pencil on the left hand side.

You can edit the date, the submitted reading, the input flag and the reading comments. When you are done, click the blue “Update” button.

If you want to delete the record and start over, you can scroll all the way to the right and hit the “X” button to delete it.