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“#DeafSuccess: Mona Thalheimer, signbite #2” video

Video Description:

Mona, a woman with peach skin and red hair framing her face, sits in a darkened sitting room. Mona speaks English and also intersperses her speech with ASL signs and gestures.

No Audio. Captions Read:

I go to trade shows. People will say, "Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, it's nothing. But you speak so well. I love you." They said, "You're very talented, smart business woman." I said, "No, not that." But, I work hard. I'm fighter. Don't give up.

I really thank my parents. Took me to parties, Sunday school and charity work. All the things - all different It's amazing. I really thank my parents - it's a big gift from my parents.

Video Description:

A man is ironing a white dress shirt. He speaks to Mona, who is standing, talking.

A teal circle animates on a white background. Banners appear with text: #DeafSuccess, Mona Thalheimer.

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