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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is the Course available in other languages?                                          English and Spanish, German, Italian & soon Chinese and Russian

Q - How long will it take to complete the course?                                         It really depends on your regime, how much time you have. Moreso is how determined you are to gain your certification, or how well you study.  

Generally  It takes a student roughly 4 months to complete, having said that we have seen the course completed in 3 weeks and in 2 years, again determination is everything.

Q - How long are the Live qualification workshops?                                     Our live courses run over a 3 day weekend, students will gain their certifications, and still have access to go back and refer to course notes.         This is a great way to study in a group format,  meet friends share industry experience stories and questions, plenty time for training, questions and clarification    

We do encourage students to complete their workbooks and exercises, for their own understanding but as this is covered during the live training, there is no obligation.                                                                                All workbooks and practical exercises are completed over the weekend. Master trainers are present and able to answer questions or to assist with any clarification.  

Q- Where are the live courses held?                                                 Anywhere, we either contact a studio if an area is requested or studio owners contact us, all our Master Trainers love to travel and experience the world, if you are interested in hosting a live workshop in your studio, please contact us on, we will try our hardest to arrange a master trainer for your studio, including marketing and create a memorable weekend, leaving you with confident competent instructors x  

Q - Do I have to have teaching experience to study the course?                      Not at all, you can gain hours during your course & confidently qualify. The way we teach is to help instructors understand the science of the sport, which is the backbone of our courses.  It’s a completely different aspect to instructing compared to showing a spin or seat, once you have grasped the concept of the equation, it’s turning to focus on your students ability, or your capability, as their instructor to get them there.

You will most definitely change the way you teach, because your understanding of the sport will be so completely different - whether you are studying as an interest or whether its to instruct, one thing is for sure, Pole as you know it just got a whole lot more interesting.

Q - Exchange program, how does this work?                                                   As a member of IPDFA PolePro, you have access to the many bonuses we offer, one of the greatest concepts we brought into our pole world is that we offer students an opportunity to travel around the globe doing what they love, so if you want to go to to New Zealand, for example, we will contact the New Zealand Director of IPDFA and assess which students are there or which studios would like to host or swap with you on a short or long adventure, sharing knowledge and gaining experience, doing what you love

Q-How Long do I have to complete the course?                                             1 Year from Registration. However, life happens and if by chance you fall pregnant during the course, we can always extend the waiting period or put your course on hold. If your course expires during the time as it flew past that year, you can always pay for an extension of 1 year @ USD $150.  

Q - Can I pay the Course off?                                                                Absolutely yes, we take a USD $200 deposit which is non refundable, and thereafter you can make payments of $100 until the course is paid in full. Once IPDFA received their money for the course. Your studies begin. For live courses we require full payment 2 weeks prior to the course date. 

Q- Why is everything in USD?                                                                               As we cater for an international market we, along with the rest of the world use USD, payments are taken via PayPal and that should automatically convert to your currency.

Q- What happens if my course expires whilst I’m in the process of completion?         You can pay a fee of US $150 to re-register & complete your course. (exceptional circumstances accepted)

Q - How does it work online?

You are assigned a Master Trainer, they will serve as a private tutor for the duration of your course, they are there to assist you with any help you may need, or further understanding. Your Master Trainer is there to help you achieve a Comprehensive understanding of the content, no matter how long it may take, what is essential from our end is that you work guided by your master to achieve a 100% understanding of the content.

Masters will provide you access to your workbooks as you are ready to move from one section of the course to the next.

To progress through these stages,  you will be asked to submit workbooks and record videos for assessing & feedback. Your tutor will assist you to better understand, if necessary. The final exam is a theory (which is the portfolio you are working on with your master trainer.  Once you are ready to hand in your portfolio, together with your 1 hour class plan to complete the practical aspect of the course, you can arrange class time and 4 students who you will take through the hours class and be assessed therein, you will be surprised how much knowledge you have gained and quite proud of yourself as will your students and of course your Master Trainer.

Q - How do I communicate with my Master Trainer?                                 E-mail, Whatsapp, Skype, Telephone, whichever is the agreed and preferred method between the two of you.

Q - Who should study the Master Trainer Program?                                                 A poler who is extremely passionate, who has been training for at least 5 years, who is incredibly dedicated and loves the sport, students, teaching and being a part of a dynamic team of players, all who have been crucial in the continuation of the growth & consistency of our industry. Franchise Owners Competition Organisers & Competitors, Performers & Professionals, Basically anyone looking for long term involvement within the Industry & creating a job doing what they love.

Q - What happens if I fail?                                                                         Our courses are designed to help you pass, our tutors are here to guide you until you completely understand every detail. We want you to qualify just as much as you do! We will all help you until you  are ready to take on your own students

Q - Can I contact my master after I have achieved my certification?        Absolutely yes! Of course, as an IPDFA PolePro Instructor you have access to our interactive Instructor Portal - where by we are all here covering all 24 hours ina  day - if you need assistance how to condition, achieve, spot your student, achieve a goal, need inspiration, support, advice etc we are all here to support each other

Q - When can I start?                                                                              As soon as your payment has been received, your details will be processed within 48hrs and your course has begun.

Q - Is the Certificate Recognised in Europe? Absolutely yes, PolePro has EQF (European Qualification Framework) recognition.  All IPDFA PolePro Certificates are Internationally Recognised, Accredited and endorsed by the most sought after Sporting organisations and are the only Pole Instructor courses recognised by the World Sports University - In fact as a Master trainer you will now be accepted into a degree at the WSU to study International Sports management. 

Q - Do you offer other courses?                                                                Yes we do, we now offer over 50 courses, have a look at the website and see if we have something that appeals to you

We also teach (included in instructor certifications) Rocktape PolePro injury strapping for common pole injuries, We have exciting new conditioning courses aimed at specifically achieving your ultimate goal. These are short courses ie handsprings, inverting etc

Q - Where can I attend a live course?                                                Contact us, if we haven't got one set up in your area, we will try our hardest to get one set up for you - we have also held live courses online and these are still possible.