February 2021

Drafted ‘Anti-Aging: State of the Art -- Part 2’

This is the sequel to the original post on LessWrong here: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/RcifQCKkRc9XTjxC2/anti-aging-state-of-the-art
The article is currently receiving feedback before publication.

March 2021

Co-founded Longevity Wiki (LongevityWiki.org)

Co-founded AutoCells

Longevity Wiki is the world’s first open-source longevity education platform.

AutoCells is the world’s first cellular automata on the Ethereum blockchain (Autocells.xyz)

April 2021

Expanded the team of Longevity to 8 members

Recruited a senior software engineer, UX specialist and team of content writers to expand the content of the Wiki.