Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement

                           1:1 Technology Initiative


I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Dewey Public Schools (DPS) 1:1 Technology Guidelines, which detail the instructional goals, implementation policies, and the care of the Chromebook. I further understand that an individual technology device will now be a necessary educational item at DPS but we will NOT issue a device to a student until his or her parent or guardian has signed this agreement.


I understand that the student is expected to:

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that the Chromebook is not damaged or stolen.
  • Keep the Chromebook in the protective case supplied when not in use.
  • Leave all DPS labeling in place and in its original condition.
  • Bring the Chromebook to school fully charged every day.
  • Use the Chromebook at school and at home in a responsible manner.
  • Download district approved apps and extensions to help with educational activities.


I understand that the parent/guardian is expected to:

  • Ensure my child meets the expectations of the DPS 1:1 Technology Initiative as outlined in the 1:1 Technology Guidelines.
  • Supervise and monitor my child’s use of the Chromebook away from school.
  • Pay the cost of repairing or replacing the Chromebook should the device be damaged, lost, or stolen; or if the student leaves Dewey Public Schools without returning the Chromebook. The cost may be mitigated if I choose to participate in the DPS student Chromebook Protection Plan.

 Please select one of the options below for your student’s participation in the 1:1 Technology Program.

  • I have purchased the Chromebook Protection Plan . This includes a yearly fee. See protection plan fee schedule within the 1:1 Technology Guidelines.

 ________ Cash Amount Paid  OR   _________ Amount Paid Electronically             _______ Receipt Number  

  • I plan to participate in the Chromebook Protection Plan, but have not yet paid the yearly fee . See protection plan fee schedule within the 1:1 Technology Guidelines.

  • I OPT OUT of the Chromebook Protection Plan Agreement for this school year, recognizing that I am responsible for the full cost of damaged/lost technology items checked out to my student associated with the 1:1 Technology Initiative.

  • Bring My Own Device - students will be allowed to bring their own electronic device as long as the device has no connectivity issues. I understand that by choosing this option, all technology usage policies and procedures still apply and  Dewey Schools assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, damage, or repair to the student-owned devices.


Student Name: ________________________________________ Student Grade in 2020-2021:  _______________

Parent Name: __________________________    Student Graduation Year: 2027 2026  2025  2024  2023  2022  2021       Parent Email: _________________________________________       Parent Home/Cell Phone: (____)__________

Parent Signature: ______________________________________         Today’s Date: _______________

First/Last name(s) of other students in household to be covered by family plan:________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________