Always Comes Evening House Rules

San Francisco, CA

Last updated: 04/04/2019

Always Comes Evening is a World of Darkness vampire themed game with adult personal horror themes. Some content may be considered triggering for some participants.  Always Comes Evening encourages open and clear communication between players and staff to ensure our game to be a fun and comfortable experience for our participants.

General Game Rules

The staff of Always Comes Evening reserves the right to alter any of the game rules below at any time if we feel it is in the best interests of fairness, balance, narrative of the game, or any other reason.

Who can play:

Anyone 18 years or older can play in ACE. Some minors may be allowed with prior ST approval and while under the supervision of their parent/guardian while at ACE.

We accept the following types of Characters:  Camarilla, Anarch, Independent, and Giovanni Vampires; and Kuei-Jin. Infiltrators and Sabbat need to be notified to the STs before the player visits, so they can determine if the PC(s) can enter play.

By Signing into the game, you acknowledge that you are a responsible adult who is responsible for your own safety, and that you agree to these house rules and our code of conduct.

Code of Conduct/Disciplinary Actions:

Signing into ACE:

All participation within the territory of Always Comes Evening is considered “hard proxy”.  This means that any scenes or actions taken within Always Comes Evening’s territory will be treated with the same level of IC/OOC consequences as if you are signed into an in-person ACE game.  For online scenes occurring within ACE’s territory an ACE ST must be included on all correspondence for it to be considered valid.  Character sheets do not need to be submitted to ACE STs for most online scenes unless requested by a member of ACE ST staff.  

For in-person ACE games, you must sign in with a ST prior to entering game.  All character sheets and item cards must have an ACE ST signature/stamp to be usable in ACE. Any item cards that are checked into ACE may be transferred or destroyed at ST discretion while you are signed into the game.

Staying In Character:

If you are physically present at game and are in the process of speaking with or interacting with people who are IC, you are considered to be IC. To be OOC, you must have the appropriate hand signal up indicating that you are OOC, and must be speaking of OOC things, or speaking to an ST to “not be here”.  If you wish to be OOC for more than a few minutes, please meet your friends away from the IC area and don’t interrupt gameplay.

Private meetings: Private meetings should not be held within view of other players. If you are standing, sitting or grouped in the view of players you are there unless you have a “Private Room” or “Not here” card, displayed prominently. Large official meetings must be notified to an ST, or have an ST present to be valid if chops are or might be thrown.  

Rules Resources:

We use White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theater Laws of the Night Revised for our general rules, as well as supplemental genre packets unique to OWBN and various other books such as: Dark Epics, The Storyteller’s Guide, The Camarilla Guide, The Anarch Guide and Revised Clanbooks.  Content from other sources is handled at ST discretion.

In Contention:

A PC is in contention when they are being sought by one or more PCs, or NPC’s (in or outside of ACE). If a PC survives for more than 3 game sessions of active RP (meaning they are AT game, in ACE, and IC the entire night) then they are considered to have slipped past the guard of their enemies and can then be shelved. If you never come to game, but piss off a group of people through DT and IC correspondence, they may be allowed to track you in downtime depending on the circumstances.  

If you survive 3 games, and on the last RP session piss off a NEW set of people, you are now back in contention, and cannot shelve for another 3 games. This is subject to ST discretion

It is the responsibility of the aggressors to make their intentions known to the ACE ST staff, otherwise we will presume the PC got away with it, and they can shelve at any time.  

If your PC becomes a significant issue in downtime scenes that it affects other areas or email lists to the point that you gain the attention of a Coord level NPC, your PC will not be shelved until that Coord NPC’s actions are resolved.

A player actively avoiding the consequences of their IC actions by not showing to game (as the PC in contention) in ACE, but showing in other games will be subject to any resolution the ST staff sees fit. This includes having your PC portrayed by an ST at ACE.


Red-lines will only be used in the most severe of cases and will be made at ST discretion. Redlines can only be made by the HST of ACE, and within the OWBN bylaws regarding redlines.

Character Creation:

We currently allow Camarilla, Giovanni, Kuei-Jin, Independent or Anarch PC’s in game at this time. ACE STs can make exceptions.  Camarilla and Kuei-Jin PCs are currently recommended and will be given more build points at creation.

Status & Clan Prestige can be bought at character creation limited to the current genre packets and bylaws.

Starting Generation: You may start as low as 11th generation without a background. Anything lower (10-8) requires a background and approval by ACE staff. The more detailed the background, the higher the chance we will approve a lower gen. Even if you have a PC sire, we will still require a background.

Clan Diversity: You may not play magic-using clans or play the same clan back to back, nor may you be in that clan as a ghoul. Please vary your characters. It will enrich your game experience.

We run character creation right out of the Laws of the Night. Please be aware that some clans are EXCEPTIONALLY structured and difficult to play and thus are not recommended for players new to OWBN. Some clans require Coord or Council approval before they can be played.

Please keep in mind that OWBN has its own genre packets and approvals structure.  For concepts or powers that require Coordinator approval, the PC will remain unplayable until the proper approvals are in place.

New characters:

All new characters must be submitted at book build from LoTN rev. without extra experience to the ACE staff for approval.

New characters may receive a maximum of 60 total starting experience as per the OWBN bylaws. ACE STs are not required to give the maximum 60 experience points.

New characters may receive bonus XP for playing under-represented clans or having a background, per ST discretion.

New characters will start with the following lores: sect, clan, creature type. This does not count against the starting build if you have no bonus exp.

A starting character may not buy any ability or discipline at higher than 3 (excluding Attribute Traits) without ST permission.

Earning Experience Points:

No PC can earn more than 8 exp per month per the OWBN bylaws.  

Active PCs can earn exp from attendance, downtime actions, influence actions, RP nods, costuming nods, OWBN staff service, game service, or special event bonus exp.

Inactive PCs (has not attended for over 3 months) or shelved PCs cannot earn experience points until they have attended an in-person OWBN game and are considered active.  

List PCs (email only) must have prior ST approval to participate in online scenes, downtimes, or earn experience.

Experience points are earned per the chart below:

Kublacon or other special event XP: Automatic monthly max for the month of the special event game. (Will not be applied to following month.)

Game Service: If you do something like assist with sign in, set up for Kublacon reliably, etc., you can earn 1 additional for doing so, or perhaps even a chance/retest card.

ACE based PCs must submit their attendance and other earned exp to the ACE Admin email for it to be applied to your sheet.

Character Sheet Maintenance/Format:

ACE uses Grapevine to maintain our character database. ACE PCs are maintained by ACE staff, not by players.  Any sheets used in downtime or any games that have not been approved by ACE staff are not considered valid. Falsifying information on your character sheet is considered a breach of our CoC. If you feel there is an error on your character sheet, please report it to ACE staff immediately via email to the admin email account.

Player expectations and Responsibilities:

Any actions occurring within ACE chron sov must include an ACE ST or be reported to the ACE ST email account immediately due to the hard proxy rules of ACE. If the scene is on the ACE discord server, you do not need to report the scene to the ACE STs as all rooms are monitored by ACE staff.

Players are expected to report important IC exchange information or other relevant information to their STs in a timely manner, and is not the responsibility of ACE STs to report these actions to other STs.  This is to help protect players and STs from cheating/metagaming. If players can not properly report the trail of information exchange or show proof of a scene occurring, it will likely be seen as not having occurred IC and the players involved may be considered for disciplinary action.  Please see our code of conduct regarding metagaming and cheating.

ACE based PCs are expected to send transcripts of all downtime actions or a summary of downtimes run via chat/messenger to the ACE HST email account for record keeping.  For the sake of proper record keeping, this should happen within 30 days of a scene/conversation.  Examples of things that should be reported to STs include but are not limited to the following (These are IC things and not OOC discussions. OOC can not be used IC under any circumstance):

If players have a conversation with a player, ST, Coord, etc ICly about any information that you believe should be shared with your STs for accountability, please send us a summary via email of the conversation including names and dates of the conversation.

The STs should not have to watch over your shoulder with everything you do, and ACE staff feels that players can take responsibility for their own actions.  We highly suggest that if ACE PCs run a scene at any non-ACE game, event game, or online discord scene that you send a brief summary of important actions taken with any PCs/NPCs/STs/Coords as soon as possible to ensure that those actions are logged in case of discrepancies or disagreements.  Sometimes there are disagreements over how a scene went or what was shared ICly, and we find it is best that players log as much of that as they can to protect themselves in case of these situations.  

Downtimes/Influence actions:

***What are downtimes: Downtimes are emails, discord scenes, and scenes that happen outside of a game’s gather or event. They do not include online gathers or if you travel to another game in person.***

Online Scenes via email, discord, or chat are considered downtime actions unless otherwise stated by the HST of ACE. This does not include Online gathers run via discoord by ACE or other OWBN games. Online downtime scenes occurring outside of ACE via discord are allowed with the assumption that you are signed into the hosting chronicle. Any important information shared or significant actions that occur during these scenes should be reported to the ACE HST email for better record keeping:

ALL online scene or downtime hosted within ACE territory is considered a “hard proxy”. Sheets will only be required when a member of ACE ST staff requests sheets from the participants’ STs. Online scenes hosted in ACE territory must adhere to ACE’s house rules and Code of Conduct. If the online scene/downtime involves a PC from another game, a member of their ST staff must also be included on email correspondence.

For online discord gathers, please see the Traveling section.

Only downtimes submitted to the official Always Comes Evening ST email account are considered valid downtime actions.  If a scene is being run with an AST/Narrator, Sub-Coord/Coord, another PC, or outside ST the main ST account must be CCed on all emails for your actions within ACE to be considered valid or to be able to earn exp.  Please do not use Facebook as a means to contact any ACE staff members for official questions/concerns.

There are two downtime cycles per month (which may change at staff discretion):

During downtime you may have as many actions as seems reasonable for a two week period of nights. We aren’t really regulating the total amount of activity you may pursue; just use common sense. We will tell you if your PC does too much at once.

You may teach any 2 things per downtime (disciplines, Lores, etc), and learn any 2 things per downtime (see XP purchase rules below).

You may only purchase a maximum of 2 of any category of XP purchases per downtime cycle. For example, you can buy 2 disciplines, and 2 backgrounds in 1 DT, but not 3 disciplines, or 3 attributes, etc.

Influences count as backgrounds for this purpose. So you may purchase 2 dots of Occult influence in one downtime, or one dot of contacts and one dot of Occult influence, but not two dots of influence and one dot of contacts in the same downtime.

We use the Dark Epics growth actions for building influence with changes at the discretion of the STs.

A Teacher is required for your PC to learn all non-clan disciplines, unusual abilities (anything you couldn’t learn at the gym, night, school, Khan Academy, etc.), all Lores, and anything else the Staff deems necessary.


If you are visiting ACE - Character sheets must be sent to us no later than 7pm Thursday night before the game you wish to attend. If we don't receive your sheet you must have a current (unaltered: no pen/pencil additions) sheet signed off by your storyboard on your person when you visit game.

Without a sheet in advance, custom powers may be redlined.

Overpowered sheet elements or items in general may be removed to preserve game balance in ACE.

If you are going TO another Chronicle, please request you sheet to be sent no later than Wednesday at 7:00 pm the week you wish to visit the other game.

Online gathers are considered traveling to another chron sov. Online gathers may not allow you to gain the same amount of experience for attendance, and will be determined by the ACE STs.

It is the responsibility of the player of a PC to report significant events/actions/shared IC information to their STs.

Transferring Home Chronicles for your PC:

In order to transfer any PC’s housed into or out of our chronicle you must notify both our board and the board you wish to transfer the PC(s) to/from in writing via email. BOTH boards must agree to the transfer.

Either board has a right to refuse the transfer for any reason.

If you feel your PC is being unreasonably blocked from transferring into or out of ACE, Exec may become involved to mediate.

NO transfer of a PC will be approved if the PC is in contention.

Active/Inactive/Shelved/Retired PC Status:

Multiple Characters: 

You may only play one character per genre actively at one time in ACE (A Giovanni, Independent/Anarch, Kuei Jin or Camarilla character). If one of your PCs is in contention, you MUST play that PC until the contention is resolved or 3 months pass.

Non-Camarilla Characters: 

Kuei-Jin: Rules for the KJ will be run using Laws of the East, as well as the OWBN KJ Genre packets. Anything custom will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the ACE STs.

Anarch: Same as Camarilla PCs, except utilizing appropriate OWBN Genre packets and per ACE ST approval.

All other Vampire sects: Will utilize the same rules as Camarilla and OWBN Genre Packets per ACE ST approval.

Non Vampires will be approved for play within ACE Chron Sov on a case by case basis by ACE STs.

Body and Item Cards:

Item Cards:

Body Cards:

Lost Body Cards, Item Cards, IC Props, etc.:

Character sheets: Your character sheet is not an item card; it merely represents what your PC has within their own person, and as such, if you lose your “soul” (IE: drop your character sheet), it cannot be used against you. If you find someone else’s sheet, you are required to turn it in to our board or the player it belongs to. If it is found in your possession, and has not been turned in right away, disciplinary actions may ensue.

IC Props: If you find someone’s prop lying about, you can bring it to the ST board, and we will write an item card for it, so your PC has it. Then we will inform the owner that the item is no longer in their possession but WILL be giving the physical prop back to them. They cannot use that prop unless they either make /find/buy a new one IC, or they get their toy back IC. Props cannot, in any way, take the appearance of anything that could be mistaken for a weapon.

Item or Body cards: If found, please see a member of staff immediately to see if your PC “found” this ICly or not. Just because you found the item card OOC does not mean your PC found the item IC.

Blood and Feeding Rules:

Currently all characters enter play at full blood minus one for waking up for the evening. There may be situational reasons why this may not be the case for plot reasons.

These rules are subject to change in the future.

Attribute Traits:

Social Traits:

Backgrounds, Influences, Havens, and Mentors:


Your overall security is a combination of your resource level and the level of the background Haven. If you have not submitted where your haven is located, you are considered to be living in the Van under the Freeway. Haven defenses can either be specific or generic, depending on how much of a write up you send in. The level of resources expended for each haven determines how safe you are. We encourage being creative. (We do have the right to refuse a Haven that we feel is meant only to kill other PC’s.) You are considered to be at your own haven by dawn each evening unless you submit to our board a notice telling us where your PC is staying. The notice must be submitted, either in writing at the end of the game, or in writing online. Maintaining a Haven in another Chronicle is not allowed at this time without prior ST approval. If you want to have someone stay in your haven, they must submit to our board and their board (if applicable) that they are doing so. They are subject to the mercies of your haven’s securities, and are considered to be at our mercy if they are staying at a location controlled by our Board.

Haven Hunting IS allowed:

If you wish to Haven Hunt, you must send a detailed description of what you are doing, what resources you are using, and run the chops during game or via e-mail. Your success will vary depending on the various factors involved. Retired PC’s who are in our control can still be found and hunted. Hunting PC’s who are shelved will not work. You may choose to hunt NPCs at your own risk. Haven Hunting in other domains is subject to the House Rules and the ST board of the domain in question; we have zero control over that situation.


Mentor points are built through RP. Mentors are Elders or those with Elder level Knowledge or power. You can have a mentor in our game, or any other game, as long as that chronicle is willing to run them. We have the right to veto anything the mentor teaches/gives you if we feel it is not realistic for your PC to have convinced said elder to do. There is no timetable for building mentors, it is all IC. You may request that the mentor level go “up a notch” if you have been RPing favorably with the NPC. You can lose mentor points by acting like a rube. The powers and limitations of mentors are at the whim of the ST staff. Mentors will not act as bodyguards for PCs under any circumstances. They are characters with their own agendas that may not align conveniently with their protégés.


You may have up to 5 total retainers. Each one may be up to 5 points.  This is for a total of 25 points in retainers. Stats for these will be done on a case by case basis. If you wish your retainers to have influence of their own/ increase your total influence cap, here’s the formula. Each retainer (that is not an animal, wraith, or anything other than a person) increases your PCs influence cap by 1 point as per 105 of Laws of the Night. Retainers may not use backgrounds themselves.

Merits and Flaws:


Blood Bonds, Sympathetic links to objects, Preserving Vitae, and Supernatural Retainers:

Blood Bonds:

Preserving blood/vitae:

Sympathetic Links to Objects:

Supernatural Retainers including Human Ghouls (NPC Only):

Abilities: Standard, Performance/Crafts, Languages:

Ability types:

Standard abilities found in Grapevine, WITHOUT being added as a custom addition, can be purchased at the normal rate, as described in the Downtime Actions section. You may specialize in almost anything with valid IC reasons, and must assign them to an appropriate ability. IE: Your PC is a doctor. You would take Medicine with specializations possible in fields such as Surgery, Neurology, or Obstetrics. Specializations: Specializations may be in a specific level of a discipline, but not the entire discipline. So you may have Animal Ken spec: Quell the Beast, but not Animal Ken spec: Animalism. You must have Level 3 in the ability before you can attach a specialization to it. All abilities will be held to what is common sense for a PC to be able to learn in a certain time frame


You may pick one native language at creation. You do not need the language ability for it. Any additional language needs a teacher and you must spend the points for it if needed.

Rules for Languages as contained in Kindred of the East, which are as follows:

Someone with Linguistics level 5 would know a total of 17 languages

The Natural Linguist merit doubles the number of available languages.

Lore Rules:

Lore is representative of what a character knows on a subject outside of what they have direct experience with ICly. One does not need Lore to talk about areas they have personally experience in play but they do need Lore to fill in the details surrounding that topic that weren’t brought up. You may not use your own personal OOC knowledge to fill in details that your PC does not know ICly.

OWBN Packets: OWBN Packets act as the standard for lore knowledge IF they include lores in specific. Any other information a lore contains is up to the STs

Learning/Teaching Lores: Any character may learn a lore from a teacher that has one more level of the lore than they are teaching, without the need for other teachers. For example, you can teach a lore at level 3 if you currently possess the lore at level 4. This will still require ST approval, especially for rare/uncommon Lores.

Crafting Rules:

General Rules Clarifications:

Trait Cap: Characters may bid double the generation maximum for their original generation. (28 for an 8th gen PC). Potency of Blood cannot improve this.

Trait Stacking: Bonus traits from only a single source of each of the following may be bid in a single challenge: specialization, merit, item, fetish, ritual, discipline.

Generally speaking, abilities, backgrounds, merits and some specific things that only appear in 1 Clan’s genre material, will only be available to the Clan. So for example, only Nosferatu may have the merit False Reflection.

Discipline Clarifications:















Paths of Thaumaturgy:

Rituals (this is for all rituals regardless of paradigm):


Combo Disciplines:

Banned Content

Banned Powers

The following disciplines are not usable in Always Comes Evening:

Always Comes Evening characters may have these powers on their sheets to use in other games. They may not use them in the Always Comes Evening game.

Out of genre:

Merits, abilities, flaws or powers associated with creature types that are NOT kindred will not be allowed for Kindred. If it’s not from a Kindred book, you can’t have it on a Kindred sheet. In particular that means no merits from non-Kindred books. If you are a Kindred, you are Kindred, not Kuei-Jin, Fae, Demon, or Garou. If you are a Kuei-jin, you are a Kuei-jin, not a Kindred, Fae, Demon, or Garou. You are a banality engine to the Fae and a wyrm fountain to Garou. Even if you have humanity 5, they still dislike you, but they might do the courtesy of just avoiding you instead of killing you. You cannot activate any item or power that requires Quiescence, Rage, Pathos, Glamour, etc.

Custom Content:

All custom content must have the description of the power in the notes section on the ST approved character sheet to be used in ACE. Any custom content without a description will be redlined in ACE.

The staff reserves the right to restrict or disallow any player created stuff/any custom content. That includes player created combo powers, fetishes, thaumaturgical paths, or anything else not directly in a Mind’s Eye Theater book or OWbN packet. With regards to what the staff will or will not allow, custom content that gives bonus traits, retests, increases damage, mimics something that already exists somewhere else, or gives increased offensive capability to a PC, it is not likely to be approved.

To learn custom content, your PC must have an IC connection to the creator of the custom power as per the OWBN bylaws. Learning custom powers is at the discretion of the ST staff.

Other Stuff: