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Partnership Paper

Partnership Paper

The Partnership Paper describes Neco’s decentralized autonomous organization, partnership model, payment and application process

“Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades”

Simon Mainwaring


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1. Working for Neco        3

1.1 About Neco        3

1.2 Jobs        4

1.3 Submit your application        5

1.4 Become a partner        5

2. Our working model (TTT)        5

2.1 Work from remote        6

2.2 Flexible time management        6

2.3 Performance-based payment        6

2.3.1 Your partner level        6

2.3.2 Our rates        7

2.3.3 Your tariff        8

2.3.4 Task bounty        8

2.3.5 Team bonus        8

2.4 Payment in Neco        8

3. Appendix        10

3.1 Resources        10

3.2 About this document        11

1.        Working for Neco

Thank you for your interest in Neco, the cryptocurrency for people, planet and profit. Please read this document carefully if you want to join us and work with a team of champions on an ambitious crypto project (Blockchain) with social and environmental impact, dedicated to serving the greater good. Working for Neco requires a high level of responsibility, reliability, professionalism, expertise, and discipline. As a partner (freelance) in our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) without hierarchies, you take over full accountability for your roles and actions. We offer remote work, flexible time management and performance-based payment in crypto (Neco). Join us and earn a reputation for contributing to our vision of a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.

1.1        About Neco

Neco is the cryptocurrency for people, planet and profit. We generate earnings, provide universal basic income and protect the climate. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.

Neco is a free currency, enabling global money transfers without fees. It’s backed by a reserve, giving it stability and security while generating profits of up to 69% annually. This cryptocurrency has never lost value!

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), we operate without hierarchies and follow the Holacracy framework. Our members collectively control the organization. Our corporate culture values radical transparency and honesty. We aim to deliver a positive Triple Bottom Line and increase the happiness of our community.

Neco was founded by Flo Goette, a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and visionary with a track history of four successful startups. As an expert in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and cloud computing, Flo has been featured in Heroes, Leaders, Legends, The Top 100 People in Finance and The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021 while Neco has been selected for the 5 Best Cryptocurrency Companies to Watch 2022, Top 10 Startups in Blockchain / Web 3 and 50 Most Admired Companies of the year 2021.

1.2        Jobs

We are hiring and looking for partners (freelance) for the jobs below. Click on the job description below, read it carefully and make sure to meet the requirements before you submit your application online. To become a partner, you need to pass our 4-step screening process.

Our organization has implemented Holacracy, a non-hierarchical management system structured in circles (teams) and roles (functions). You can apply for multiple roles, and a role can be filled by more than one partner.




Blockchain Full Stack Developer (Stackchain)

Developing the crypto platform Stackchain


Recruiter (Headhunter) - job description

Managing the recruiting process from initial contact to onboarding to fill roles in the organization with qualified and motivated partners


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Product owner and crypto expert to lead the development and operation of our crypto platform "Stackchain''


Legal advisor (crypto lawyer)

Experienced legal advisor (crypto lawyer) for providing legal advice, preparing legal documents and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, particularly in Estonia, Germany or Switzerland.

Remote, contract

1.3        Submit your application

Have you found a job that fits? Do you resonate with our mission, vision and values? Do you want to contribute to the greater good? Do you accept payment in Neco? That’s awesome! Now please submit your application online:

Please read the rest of this document before you submit your application!

1.4        Become a partner

To become a partner and join our team, you need to pass our 4-step screening process:

  1. Application
    e will review your resume to check whether you qualify for a role in our organization.
  2. Interview
    ou will be invited to a job interview (60 minutes video conference) to tell us more about you, your qualifications and experience.
  3. Test
    ou will need to take a 30-minutes online test about Neco and our organization. A curriculum will be provided to prepare for the exam.
  4. Challenge
    You will be given a task (2-4 weeks) to prove your competence and your ability to work in our team.

After passing the challenge, we will conduct your initial performance assessment to determine your partner level and hourly rate. After signing the paperwork (non-disclosure agreement and partner agreement), you will be onboarded in your new role.

Please note that you will only get paid for the challenge if you complete it successfully!

2.        Our working model (TTT)

With our TTT (“triple T”) working model, we offer remote work, flexible time management and performance-based payment. TTT stands for time, task and team. You get paid for the hours you work, the tasks you complete and for your teamwork.

TTT supports full-time, part-time, and remote jobs and is aligned with our core values of equality, diversity, sufficiency, solidarity, and transparency.  

2.1        Work from remote

We are a virtual organization of remote workers collaborating via the internet. You can work remotely from any location in the world. All you need is a laptop with camera and microphone for video conferencing, and a good internet connection.

We use Google Workspace (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Meet) for collaboration and document management.

2.2        Flexible time management

Work at your own schedule, as long as you:

We follow the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method that breaks work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. You must log your hours in our time management system.

2.3        Performance-based payment

At Neco, your performance determines your income. Our payment model offers equal opportunities for all, based on transparent tariffs and rates that are regulated collectively by our partners.

2.3.1        Your partner level

The partner level is a performance benchmark measuring a partner's qualifications, experience and skills. The better the performance, the higher the partner level and hourly rates.

We conduct regular performance assessments to determine your partner level (0 - 20) by measuring 20 key performance indicators (KPI):





Academic degrees


Time management



Role experience

Task management


Industry experience



Management experience









2.3.2        Our rates

Our rates are regulated collectively by our partners. Your hourly rate depends on your partner level and your country of residence (tariffs). The table below lists the rates for New York City (tariff with a Cost of Living plus Rent Index of 100%).

Partner level

Hourly rate

(New York City)

Daily rate















































































































2.3.3        Your tariff

Tariffs account for the different living costs in each country. Your hourly rate is adjusted by the Cost of Living and Rent Index of your country of residence (below).


Cost of Living plus Rent Index

Hourly rate


Hourly rate


















Global (default)




















New York City




2.3.4        Task bounty

For some tasks, you will be paid an agreed amount (bounty) upon completion of the task, regardless of the actual hours worked.

2.3.5        Team bonus

In addition to payment for time and tasks, we offer peer-to-peer recognition where partners can appreciate each other’s teamwork.

2.4        Payment in Neco

Most of our partners get paid in Neco tokens instead of traditional “fiat” currencies, creating a win-win-situation for all. Neco is the leading cryptocurrency in terms of profitability, stability and security. This cryptocurrency has never lost value! While we recommend holding your Neco tokens, you can convert them to fiat (EUR, GBP, USD, etc.) at any time.

Thank you for reading our Partnership Paper. To prove that you have read this document, please enter the referral code “PARTNER” when you submit your partner application and receive your 50 Neco welcome voucher.

3.        Appendix

3.1        Resources



Neco overview

This video (9 minutes) covers Neco's mission, vision, values, market, competition, token performance, roadmap and forecast.

Neco pitch deck

Our latest pitch deck for investors

Neco White Paper

The Neco White Paper describes the Neco token, the Necosystem and the Neocracy organization

Neco Quick Guide

The Neco Quick Guide explains how to get started with Neco on our current prototype system based on the Google Cloud platform

Neocracy Codex

The Neocracy Codex is the “Constitution of the Neocracy organization” and describes the organization’s objectives, structure and management system.

Neco Constitution 

The Neco Constitution enshrines our core values and guides our actions.


Holacracy is a non-hierarchical management system with distributed authority. Holacracy structures the various roles in an organization in a system of self-organizing circles.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

The Neco NDA is an agreement regarding confidentiality and copyright.

Partner agreement

The Neco Service Agreement is a contract describing your rights and obligations as a partner/contractor.

Partner application (individuals)

Partner application form for individuals

Partner application (organizations)

Partner application form for companies

3.2        About this document

Partnership Paper


The Partnership Paper describes Neco’s decentralized autonomous organization, partnership model, payment and application process.


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