Now the scene shifts to the other side

This is the verse in which Krishna entered BG,.

Bg 1.14

tata śvetair hayair yukte
mahati syandane sthitau
ādhava pāṇḍavaś caiva
śakhau pradadhmatu

Word for word: 

tata — thereafter; śvetai — with white; hayai — horses; yukte — being yoked; mahati — in a great; syandane — chariot; sthitau — situated; mādhava — Kṛṣṇa (the husband of the goddess of fortune); pāṇḍava — Arjuna (the son of Pāṇḍu); ca — also; eva — certainly; divyau — transcendental; śakhau — conchshells; pradadhmatu — sounded.


On the other side, both Lord Kṛṣṇa and Arjuna, stationed on a great chariot drawn by white horses, sounded their transcendental conchshells.

Krishna is entering the BG till now Krishna is not mentioned or spoken about and that is indicative of the mentality of Duryodhana, Duryodhana calculative mentality was he thinks about everyone he assesses both side but he thinks Sri Krishna is not fighting then what is the need to think about Sri Krishna that is the calculation of a Godless materialists, such people always thinks of the material things he doesn’t think about the plan Lord has and the role Lord is going to play, although Duryodhana has not referred Krishna but Sri Krishna is there in the battlefield and He is going to play a very decisive role.

So like in a movie when hero enters may be heroine is in distress and hero comes with fast car with creaking sound and hero steps down and not his lotus feet but his modern shoes are shown and then the view moves upward and upward and then focus come on his face, so that is how the hero makes a dramatic entry so like that Sri Krishna is making an entry so how it is described when you move camera to the side of Pandavas

tata śvetair hayair yukte, the first thing that is seen is there are beautiful white horses, spotless white horses, and then behind the horses is mahati syandane sthitau, it is a magnificent chariot, mahati syandane, it is huge chariot which is given by Agni, when Arjuna pleased Agni he gave the chariot mahati syandane sthitau, and on that who are there? mādhava pāṇḍavaś caiva, there is Lord Madhav

Duryodhana was not worried about Krishna as He is not fighting in the battle; this is the mentality of a materialistic person.

In fact nobody will be mentioning name of the chariot driver before the king, in fact when Duryodhana mentioned name of various warrior he didn’t mention name of chariot driver at all, but here since chariot driver is supreme personality of Godhead His name is mentioned before charioteer, Madhava is the lord of goddess of fortune wherever He is there is going to be Supreme Fortune over there and there is pāṇḍavaś caiva, who is this Pandava this is Arjuna. And what did He do? divyau śakhau pradadhmatu, their conchshells are transcendental why are they transcendental? Of Course Sri Krishna Conchshell are transcendental as He is Supreme Personality of Godhead so his Paraphernalia are transcendental because Arjuna is a pure devotees his intentions are transcendental and even his conchshell are considered transcendental, and this way Sri Krishna make a dramatic entry in BG, mahati syandane sthitau Sri Krishna is situated in magnificent chariot

Their conch shells are transcendental.

In previous life Draupadi asked Lord Shiva five times I want a husband …I want a husband so Lord Shiva told her since you asked five times you will get 5 husband, this is explained by Veda Vyasa when Kunti. without looking what the gift was, told Arjuna to share the gift among Pandavas brothers, Draupadi was married to all five Pandavas brothers.

Hrishikesha means Krishna is objectively & subjectively a controller.