Recycled Lines

Consignment Agreement

  1. Consignor agrees to present clothing that is clean, ironed, free from defects and in ready to wear condition.
  2. Recycled Lines reserves the right to accept or decline any item for consignment at their sole discretion, and retains the right to display items as they see fit.
  3. Recycled Lines will reimburse Consignor 40% of the price for which the item is purchased. Recycled Lines will retain 60% of the selling cost. The Consignor will receive a consignment check within 30 days of sale.
  4.  Recycled Lines will notify Consignor of any items not sold during the sale period and Consignor will have 15 days to retrieve any unsold items. Any items not retrieved after 30 days will be donated.

        ____ Check here if you prefer to donate unsold items

  1. Consignor represents that they are the owner of the goods to be consigned, and that the goods are saleable, and free from any liens.
  2. Recycled Lines does not guarantee that your item(s) will sell, either expressed or implied.
  3. Recycled Lines reserves the right to determine the selling price of your item. If there is an amount you want for a particular item please notify us when you bring the items in.
  4. Recycled Lines is not responsible for items lost or damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, flood or natural disaster.
  5. By signing this contract I agree to all the terms and conditions listed.

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