Community Shoot Agreement

 Pierce Pixels 2019/20

I make my living selling pictures.  Most of the time they are bundled together in an Interiors Package and occasionally I sell them separately or in small packages such as in my Community Add-on. I don’t know of any other photography companies or individual contractors, like myself, who offer this special service.  That makes my Community Add-on both unique and somewhat valuable because you are able to utilize the photos in multiple listings.

Therefore I ask that you, the Broker, agree to the following:

  1. That the Limited Usage Rights of this Community Add-on is effective for one year from the purchase date.
  2. That packaged photos are intended to be used ONLY by the broker who purchased them from Pierce Pixels.
  3. That the purchasing broker agrees NOT TO DISTRIBUTE these photos to any other brokers or third parties for private or commercial use.
  4. The Community Add-on is not exclusive, other parties may purchase them from Pierce Pixels.

Each of the Community-Add-on photos are metadata tagged “Copyright Pierce Pixels”.  Pierce Pixels always owns the photos, you have purchased the limited usage rights.

*PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:  send an email to with the words “I agree” or the like to agree to abide by this agreement.   Thank you.