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BRCSD COVID-19 School Reopening FAQ 2023-2024
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Updated 8/29/2023

BRCSD School Reopening 2023-2024 Plan

“Every Student, Every Day!”

The following document has been developed to provide you with information about the reopening plans for Beaver River Central School.  This information will be continually updated.  Please be sure to check back regularly.  Note:  A copy of this document may be picked up in the district office.

Generally speaking our district has returned to normal operations that were in place “pre-COVID”


Will students be in school?

Beaver River’s number one priority is to have every student in school every day.  With this as a basis for decision making, various protocols will need to be in place.

When does the school year begin?

The first day of school for grades Pre-K -12 is September 5, 2023.  

Can I choose to keep my child home and learn remotely only?

At this time all students enrolled at Beaver River will attend school in-person every day.

If a parent would like to homeschool their children he/she may contact Mrs. Wolff in the Middle School office.  There is particular paperwork to follow to take this option.  Homeschool instruction is independent from the school district and the parent is taking full responsibility to instruct their children.  Decisions on homeschooling will be made on a quarterly basis.  If a change is requested, those changes must be made at the change of a quarter.

What if I’m concerned about my child attending school?  Can they attend remotely all the time?

At this time, BRCSD is unable to provide remote learning as an option unless the student or family has a documented medical reason for not attending any in-school instruction.  If a parent desires to have their students learn from home only, they must provide a doctor's note indicating the reasons for remote learning, or they may participate in home school instruction where the parent/guardian becomes entirely responsible for their child’s education.  If a parent chooses home school instruction they must contact the middle school office to start the process.


Are Students Required to Wear Face masks?

No, However we do ask that parents keep students home when they are sick.  If they test positive for COVID they are to remain home for five days from symptom onset or a positive test, and return wearing a mask through day 10.

Will the school provide face masks?

Yes, the school is able to provide face masks/coverings. However, if a student has a preferred mask that meets dress code requirements they are allowed to wear it. If a student forgets to bring their mask to school, BRCSD will provide a disposable mask to be worn that day.


Last year the school district asked parents to transport students to school, is that still a request?

There are no distancing requirements on school buses, thus there is not a limitation to the number of students on the bus.  However, all students are required to wear masks while on a school bus.

Morning Drop-off/Afternoon Pick-up – Similar to last year, doors will not open until 8:15 AM.  The drop-off, and pick-up location is in the large parking lot at the doors to the elementary gym.


Health and Safety Protocols

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 and what do I do if my child exhibits those symptoms in the morning?

The symptoms that you should be aware of that may indicate a COVID-19 infection are:

If your child exhibits any of the symptoms above you should:

  1. Keep your child home
  2. Call your physician
  3. If you see your physician and they clear your child to attend school, ask them for a note stating that the child can return to school.

Sick Protocol

What if a student exhibits symptoms during school?

Generally speaking, the handling of sick students will be conducted the same way that they have in years past.  The student will enter the nurses office and be evaluated.  The nurse will evaluate the situation and depending on the various symptoms, the student will be monitored, or requested to be sent home.  While working with local health officials we have determined that our current process for identifying children with symptoms relative to covid-19 is adequate.  The student will be sent to the nurses office to be evaluated.  The nurse may ask for the student to be seen by a physician.  

If the student is a member of the Carthage Area Health Clinic (CAHC), they may be evaluated and tested by them.  CAHC will follow their normal protocols of communicating with the parent/guardian.

The classroom that the student was in attendance will not be shut down based upon a symptomatic student.  However, if a student tests positive for COVID-19, the positive student will be isolated and contact tracing will take place and there may be other students that are quarantined by the Department of Health.

If my child is sick and I keep them home, how will they return to school?

Just as in the past, if a student is sick and remains home, the student is to bring in an excuse / note (upon returning to school) as to why they were absent.  The note is to be signed by a parent/guardian.  There may be a follow-up call from the office to continue to collect data on reasons for student absences and tracking for potential cases that may have existed in school.

What is the district doing for cleaning and sanitizing the school?

Frequently touched surfaces and objects will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day to further reduce the risk of germs on surfaces and objects. Area of use between different cohort groups will be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant between use.  These areas include classrooms, buses, common areas, etc.


Can my child still get breakfast when they are at school?

Yes, the breakfast program is still in place.  Students will be able to eat in the cafeteria for breakfast.  

Update November 30, 2023 - The School district qualifies for CEP, and all students will receive free breakfast and Lunch.

Where will students eat breakfast or lunch?

Students will be eating their meals in the cafeteria unless the district adjusts due to the number of positive cases.  This reduces the contact tracing for quarantining of students.


The District will use multiple means of communication including the Beaver River website, parentsquare, email, phone calls, and letters..  This plan will be posted on the main page of the district website ( )