Things Every Freshman Should Know

  1. High School is what you make it.
  2. Communicate with your teachers.
  3. Grades aren’t everything.
  4. Try new extracurriculars.
  5. Memorize the bell schedule.
  6. Think for yourself.
  7. Hold yourself with integrity.
  8. There are a lot of great opportunities to meet new students and friends.
  9. Join new clubs.
  10. Join a sport.
  11. Explore campus.
  12. Take classes that seem interesting
  13. Things will fall into place.
  14. Get the Gunn App.
  15. Finals are not that hard if you study for them.
  16. Participate in homecoming games.
  17. Show school spirit.
  18. The library is a great resource.
  19. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from your teachers or upperclassmen.
  20. Study with friends.
  21. Use the resources like tutors and stuff.
  22. Don’t do things just for college.
  23. Check Schoology.
  24. Go to dances.
  25. There’s a pool on top of Spangenberg.*
  26. You’ll meet some of the greatest people you’ve ever known.
  27. Go to bed early.
  28. Math office is for everyone.
  29. Eat what you need to eat.
  30. Teachers are here to help.
  31. Take care of yourself.
  32. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  33. Be proud of your school.
  34. Get involved.
  35. Manage your time well.
  36. Always give your best effort but don’t stress.
  37. Be confident.
  38. Make a schedule.
  39. There’s no stupid questions.
  40. The Wellness Center is always open.
  41. Don’t be toxic about grades.
  42. Take breaks.
  43. There’s free candy at the SAO.
  44. Organize all your assignments.
  45. Keep an open mind.
  46. Have fun!

*Not true