Dyslexia Symptoms

Dyslexia is considered a child learning disorder that equally affects both male and female gender. The child will observe the numbers or letters in reverse or inverted order. For instance a dyslexia child will detect V as capital A. nevertheless, if you have seen this on your child, it does not mean that they are dyslexic and further diagnosis need to be carried. Careful procedures and testing has to be done as a way to check for symptoms in school going children.

Warning Signs Of Dyslexia

Dyslexia warning signs are reversal and this might be a condition that the child may experience until they have completed their first grade. It is a requirement to do further testing on the child if these symptoms don’t seem to disappear. The first people to suspect this behavior from a child are basically the parents or teachers who may offer assistance.

What Are The Common Symptoms? Dyslexia Common Symptoms Include:

Additionally, a school going child with dyslexia symptoms may also have problems in distinguishing right side or left. He or she may also not prefer any hand; left or write to write. Children with dyslexia also have hearing problems. This is complex and the child would be unable to hear or remember what they were told. This will make things difficult for them and thus increasing pronunciation issues. They would not be able to make the right sounds of words. Apart from this, making a simple sentence may become a big issue or in instances the sentences they make would not be understood. Writing a sentence would include jungle-up words, missing letters and he or she may feel frustrated trying to explain or remember something. This is upsetting as they will not have to explain themselves with ease and most times they lack courage to explain their issues, withdraw symptoms and want to be alone.

Characteristics Of Dyslexic Child

A child who shows dyslexic symptoms will always seem shy or feel depressed. These children are shy and they will not feel fun playing with other children of their age. This is because they fail to understand themselves and always feel better when they are alone. Low self esteem, hate learning process and fail to socialize. Most often such a child is assumed to be lazy while this might not be the true sense. To understand dyslexia symptoms and how to do about helping your child follow this link

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