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Timber Website Breakfast Menu
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Breakfast Menu            Served 8:00 am-11:00 am

Rustic Frittata-GF                                                                                        $10.50

A baked omelet featuring potatoes, caramelized onions, spinach and feta.

Baked French Toast                                                                                $10.00

Light & fluffy with hints of citrus, topped with berry compote.

Add a side of bacon - $4        

Pancakes with Fruit                                                                                $12.50

Two fluffy pancakes stacked with seasonal fruits served with maple syrup.

Add a side of bacon - $4                                             

Breakfast Sandwich                                                                                $9.00

Cheese Omelet with bacon on a fresh croissant.

Prairie Porridge-GF, DF                                                                        $6.00

This cool, creamy breakfast celebrates the bounty of the prairies; oats, chia, hemp, & buckwheat with a touch of honey, coconut milk & raspberries.

Green Smoothie-GF, DF                                                                        $9.00

A green smoothie packed with goodness from spinach, banana, avocado, mango & coconut milk is a great way to start your day!