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  1. Didymus Thomas Library

Minutes of April 8, 2021

Present: Rick Lavallee, Eilleen Hamlin, Susan Bartholomew,  Lorraine Hefner, Lynn Surprenant,   & Veronica Marcouiller.

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM.

Secretary's report was disbursed and reviewed, with a motion to accept presented by Eilleen and a second from Veronica.

Treasurer's report was distributed and reviewed.  Lynn made a motion to accept and Eilleen gave a second. See attached report.


        Property upkeep: Front steps:  Lupini Construction has started making repairs.  They found hairline cracks on each side of the big slab, which were probably there for 40-50 years, but the contractor didn't think there was any cause for concern.  If it is addressed now, it would require an approximate $20,000, extra work and extra time.  Scott Lupini will look into making it more secure.

              Parking lot:  There is no money available, so this project is put on hold.



        Summer Reading Program –The kick off will be held on June 25th, 2021, which is the last day of school.  Local magician Leon Etienne will be performing that date at 4:00 on the front steps.  

          Amy Piaschyk will be our program leader again this year.  Except for the kick off performance, the rest of the gatherings will be virtual, with Take & Make activities.

        Back Door – The back door is now our only entrance, and its condition was discussed.  Rick is looking for a contractor to rebuild the back door.  Some suggestions were offered, and more information will follow.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.  Eilleen made a motion and Veronica gave a second.

        The next meeting is Thursday, May 13, 2021.