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AccessDoc_Self_Advocacy: Deaf History Month Signbites
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“Self-Advocacy: Deaf History Month” Signbites video

Video Description:

A middle-aged woman has dark brown wavy hair and wears a red jumper. She has small dangly earrings and a white beaded necklace. She signs.


There have been deaf community activist, movements and protests, all over the country, encouraging deaf people of all identities to work together, collaborating for systemic change, pressing those in power to pay attention to us.

In order to accomplish our goals, those in power must give us the space and freedom to unpack and explore our knowledge, understanding, values and our own organic experiences.

Video Description:

A teal circle animates as Naomi’s image fades away. 2 banners appear with text: “Self Advocacy: Deaf History Month.”

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