Activity Routes Departure Time .............5:15pm

All Route Times begin at 5:15 p.m. All stop times will be determined by the total number of stops the bus makes along the route.

West Route:             Number 1

Leave Bus Lot, South on Edwards Road.

Edwards Rd & Hwy 116 (4 inile corner South of Effingham), continue South on Edwards Rd.

214th Road & Edwards (Kelley's corner), turn around and return to Hwy 116.

Hwy 116 & Edwards Rd, turn West on Hwy 116.

Stop in Arrington, continue West on Hwy 116.

Larkinburg, turn around & head back East on Hwy 116.

Hwy 116 & Bourbon Road, turn North and continue to Muscotah.

Muscotah - Post Office for town students.

Continue North on Hwy 159 to Horton, stop at the South edge of city and turn around.

End of Route 1.

North/East Route:         Number 2 

Leave Bus Lot, North on Hwy 159 to Edwards Rd. & 286th rock pile.

Head east on 286th to Paradise Lake Rd.,

Paradise Lake Rd. continue East to Hamilton Rd., turn South to Hwy. 9

East to Farmington, head North out of Farmington to Hwy. 9 turn East to Hwy. 73

East on Hwy. 73 to Neosho Rd.

North on Neosho Rd. to 286th Rd., West on 286th to Morton Rd.

Continue West on 286th Rd. to old Lancaster Grade School.

Back to Hwy. 73 North to Huron Main St.

End of Route 2

South/East Route:         Number 3

Leave Bus Lot, East on Hwy 159 to Monrovia.

South on Hwy 159 to Hwy 116.

East on Hwy 116 to intersection of Hwy 116/159 (Wheeler's Corner).

Continue East on Hwy 116 to Hwy 59.

Stop at Cummings Church

Continue on to town of Cummings and East on 230th Road.

230th Road & Ottawa Road, turn Southeast to Potter (Curlew Comer).

Potter Store, turn around and Northeast on Ottawa Road.

North on Ottawa to Pineview Country Club stop. 

Corner of Ottawa Road & Hwy 59, East to Hwy 59/Hwy 73.

End of Route 3.

POSSIBLE ESTABLISHED STOPS: (Others will be added when the need arises)

Route #1                Route #2        Route #3 4-Mile Comer

4-Mile Corner        Rock Pile North of Effingham        Monrovia Corner

Arrington        Lancaster        Wheeler's Corner

Larkinburg        Huron        Cummings Church & Town

Muscotah        Good Intent        Curlew Road

South Edge of Horton        Good Intent Road/Old Hwy        Potter

        Farmington        Pineview