Scholarship and Outreach Policy

Scholarship & Outreach Purpose

The Piranha Aquatics Scholarship Fund will help Outreach families, families in a position of financial hardship, and persons with special needs be able to swim on our team.  Scholarships are monetary awards to help families in need afford the cost of swim team.  The Outreach program provides benefits to families to help swimmers swim more often and participate in more swimming events without paying additional costs.

What is an Outreach family?

We define outreach swimmers as swimmers who:

Recreational Program Outreach Support

The following support is available for those families that qualify for our Outreach program and who have a swimmer enrolled in our recreational program:

  1. Discovery Swimmers: swim Discovery 2 for the price of Discovery 1
  2. Prep Swimmers: can swim Prep 2 for the price of Prep 1
  3. Swimmers in Fun and Fit and Teen fit can attend up to 3 practices per week at the regular price
  4. Mini-Meet fee waived  

Competitive Program Outreach Support

The following support is available for those families that qualify for our Outreach program and who have a swimmer enrolled in our competitive program:

  1. USA Swimming membership through Lake Erie;s Outreach Program for $5
  2. Swim in our HOSTED meets with no meet entry costs
  1. Must pay LESI surcharge ($3) and Piranha Aquatics surcharge ($5)
  1. Championship meet fees of the highest achieved championship meet covered 100%  by Piranha Aquatics

Scholarship and Outreach Policy

  1. Scholarships are limited by fundraising efforts
  2. Scholarships are awarded first-come, first-serve and based on a board decision after reviewing the submitted request FORM
  3. Scholarships for financial hardships are not limited to families who qualify for Outreach, nor shall an Outreach qualification disqualify a family from receiving a scholarship award
  4. Limited to one request per family per fiscal year (August 1-July 31)
  5. The parent/guardian of any competitive or junior team swimmer must also apply for the Elaine Miller Fund in conjunction with the request (more information can be found on the last page)
  6. Guidelines for awarding scholarship:
  1. No more than $200 per family, per calendar year, exceptions may occur with board approval
  2. Families must have a $0 account balance from previous seasons with Piranha Aquatics in order to be eligible
  3. Scholarships are not available to those swimmers only participating during the High School season.
  1. Renewal Guidelines:  In order for families to reapply for scholarship the next season, the following stipulations must be met:
  1. 50% practice attendance by the scholarship athlete
  2. Swimmer and/or swimmer’s family provides service back to the organization in the amount of 100% of the award
  1. E.g. A $200 scholarship from the club means the swimmer (or family) would be expected to provide 10 hours of service back to the club at a rate of $20/hour (This is in addition to the required service hour commitment for competitive team families)
  2. Examples of services that can be done: help with younger athletes, work a session of a swim meet, help at a mini-meet, help coaches with a task, sign up for a social committee, help at the parent meeting(s), etc.  

How to Apply

To apply for Scholarship and/or Outreach assistance through Piranha Aquatics, complete this FORM.  Forms will be reviewed once a month at the monthly board meeting.  A board member will be in touch with you after the meeting to discuss any assistance your family is eligible to receive.

Elaine Miller Scholarship Fund Information

Elaine Miller Fund: This is an additional Fund available for competitive swimmers and their families.  This fund (click link to the left) will match scholarship monies from Piranha Aquatics, and is available through Lake Erie Swimming.  This is NOT a Piranha Aquatics scholarship.  A board member can help you complete the documentation, but this is the responsibility of the swim parent.

  1. Elaine Miller Fund monies may be granted for club dues, USA Swimming registration, meet entry fees, expenses associated with special swimming events, or for any other necessary purpose.           
  2. A swimmer may receive aid more than once in a single calendar year, but may not receive a total amount greater than $500 per year.
  3. The committee will review applications 4 times per year and award scholarships based on need. The fund will match the contributions of Piranha Aquatics (maximum of $200).  
  4. Due at the end of each quarter: Sept 30, Dec 31, March 31, June 31.

Our Mission: To employ the sport of swimming to develop a culture of inclusion, build community, and provide opportunities for all people to benefit from a lifelong love of aquatics.

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