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:mused: Seed Spreader Manual
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:mused: Seed Spreader and Watering Well Manual

Manual Table of Contents

☞ :mused: Seed Spreader

The seed spreader allows you to take seeds, fertilize them with semen and then grow your own bonuses. It is a vehicle that will allow you to push it to spread your seed on your land.  

Bonuses include items for both Milk Made and Stud Pump. The characteristics and potency of these items may change over time. (We do not provide a listing of seeds or plants as they are a discoverable aspect of the Seed Spreader mechanics.)

1 Seed and 2mL of semen are required to fertilize and grow a plant

Land Impact: Seed Spreader 7, Water Well 3, Plants 3 ea.

Seeds are currently purchased at the :mused: main store for the price of one seed for one liter of milk.

When rezzed the seed spreader will prompt you with this notice:

“Semen will be lost if this item is removed from the parcel with fluid loaded. When plants rez they must remain rezzed or they will be lost. :mused: will not replace any fluid, seeds or plants from this system.”

You must hit [I Agree] to use the spreader.

When rezzed the Seed Spreader will rez a white sphere to test that it is able to rez the seeds. This sphere should self delete after detection.

Once it has set up it will give a menu when clicked:

Once you have added Semen to your seed spreader you can sit on it with the “Push!” option from the right click menu.

*As it is a vehicle sometimes SL does not sit you correctly to be the driver of the vehicle. This will be evident if the animations do not fire and you are not able to move when you try walking. To correct this you will need to stand and sit again. If you are having trouble try to click the base of the vehicle near the wheels. You can see it if you use CTRL + ALT + t  to view transparent prims.*

Walk with the seed spreader and it will disperse fertilized seeds as you go consuming semen and seed. For every 10mL of semen you get five (2) random plants.

The ratio of seeds to plants is not fixed and is subject to change.

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☞ :mused: Seeds

The other component of the seed spreader is of course the seeds. These are treated as a consumable item and when bought will go to your :mused: Web HUD. They will automatically be deducted from there as the seeds are fertilized and dispersed from the seed spreader.

If you do not have enough seed on your HUD for the amount of semen you are trying to add you will get a message telling you and you will not be able to load that much semen into the seed spreader.

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☞ Seed Spreader Plants

When you push the seed spreader it will disperse fertilized seeds as you go, these will grow into your bonus providing plants.

Once out of the seed spreader the seeds will start to grow. You can edit and move them to wherever you would like them to be or just leave them where they are.

A full plant list is not provided, as these are discoverable boosts and are subject to change at any time. (*insert evil grin*)

Growth Cycle

As the seeds grow into plants you will see a health meter over them in float text. A full green meter is a healthy plant. As the meter goes down you will see empty boxes rather than full ones and the color will shift to yellow, orange and then finally red.

If you let nature take its course some of your seeds will die. If you water them then you can keep your seeds healthy and have a full crop. If your plants do die you can click the plant and it will delete itself.

Once your plants have fully matured you can harvest them by clicking the plant and it will go into your Web HUD inventory where you can use it or give it to friends. Fully mature plants will show their type in the hover text.

Mature plants will continue to need watering if not moved to the HUD

Note: scripted objects may impact the performance of a region if too many are out and growing at once. Conversely a poorly performing region may impact the seeds please be aware of the environment of your region.

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☞ :mused: Watering Well

The :mused: Watering Well works with the seed spreader in that it allows you or those you give access to the well to water the plants from the seed spreader to keep them healthy.

The Watering Well and the Plants must have the same owner. The watering can does not need to have come from the same well but does need to be filled from the well owned by the owner of the plants.

Clicking the Well will give you a menu with the following options:

Watering Can

The watering can has a hold pose and water particle effect. If you click the can you can set your own logo on it via pasting the image UUID into the dialog box.

  To water the plants all you need to do is wear the watering can, fill the watering can and then click the plant you wish to water. Some plants may need a lot of water and you may need to refill your can from the well. Each empty box in the heath bar over the plant is one click from the watering can.

The can will empty itself when rezed and so will need to be refilled every time you wear it. It can not be used unless it is worn.

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Farm Animation HUD

The Farm Animation HUD has a list of various tasks you can perform in the garden. Some of the poses will prompt to attach tools needed for the chore, not every chore has a tool provided.

None of the tasks impact plant growth; they are all for role play and photography.

It is not a full avatar animation override and does not include walks, or other such animations.

Wearing and clicking the HUD gives the following menu:

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