Taylor Prairie Library Information for Families

All students have library time for 30-40 minutes once a week. Students learn library and information-technology skills, such as searching for appropriate materials, digital safety and computer coding.

Check Out

Students self-select 1, 2 or 3 books during 15 minute checkout times on library day. There are also open checkout times from 7:40-8:15 Monday - Friday. K and 1st Students can return to the library daily.

Free choice is an important part of reading for pleasure. Students practice finding ‘just right’ materials and books that interest them. If there are concerns with your child’s book selection, feel free to discuss with Mrs. W.

Returning Books

Please place library books in your child’s backpack before their library day. Books are brought to the library from the classroom on library day.

Forgotten Books

When students have forgotten books, they can place holds on items they would like saved. They can pick up their holds during open checkout times or on their next library day.

Damaged Books

The most common problems are younger siblings drawing in books, water damage, and torn pages. Please contact me if you are aware of damage in a  book.

Payment of Lost/Damaged Books

Please pay the TP office by cash or check made out to Taylor Prairie. If you find a lost book within the same school year after making a payment (and we have not yet purchased a replacement), you will receive a full refund. Purchasing a replacement copy to donate is also an option.